Malware attack on Android Smartphone by hackers: Alert! Users’ data in danger, 23 Android apps hit by PhoneSpy spyware – malware attack phonespy affected 23 android apps hackers attack your personal data

New Delhi. If you are an Android user, then we are going to tell you a news that will surprise you. By the way, it is obvious that there is always a threat of malware or spyware on Android users, due to which users can fall prey to any hackers at any time. By the way, Android Virus or Android Malware is seen every other day. In this sequence, a new and latest case of Android malware attack has come to the fore.

Let us tell you that a spyware has been found in the device of Korean markets, which is working to hack them. It is being called PhoneSpy. This malware has been found to damage 23 Android apps. But thankfully, none of these apps are linked to any of the apps available on the Google Play Store. This malware was reported by Zimperium.

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Android Malware is Dangerous

This spyware is capable of stealing important data including messages, photos and even remote control access to the device. Zimperium says, “User data stolen from Victim devices ranges from personal photos to corporate communications. People who have been hacked are disseminating their personal information with malware. Because they don’t know it.” That these apps are affected by malware.

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What does Malware do?
– Complete list of installed applications
– Stealing credentials using phishing
– stealing images
– GPS location monitoring
– stealing SMS messages
– stealing phone contacts
– stealing call logs
– Recording audio in real-time
– Record video in real-time using front and rear cameras
– Access the camera to take photos using the front and rear cameras
– Send SMS to a device controlled by hackers
– Exfiltering device information (IMEI, Brand, Device name, Android version)
– Hide your presence by hiding the icon from the device’s drawer/menu

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According to the post, “These malware-affected apps are fully capable of uninstalling any user-installed application, including mobile security apps. Telling the exact location of the device in real time without the user knowing it. Spyware Facebook is using phishing pages for Instagram, Google and KakaoTalk credentials.”

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Stay safe from malware like this?
This malware is now spreading to Android devices in the Korean and American markets. If you are using Android devices then you should keep these things in mind.

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Do not download the app from any third party app that you do not trust. Try downloading the app from Google Play Store itself. Use the Google Play Store to download all your apps. Never click on any suspicious links sent through SMS messages and emails.