Mahesh Manjrekar speaks about his illness during antim and cancer treatment – Entertainment News India

Actor-filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar recently revealed his illness. He had told that during the shoot of ‘Antim’ he came to know that what he believed to be a normal condition was bladder cancer. In August last year, he got this cancer removed by surgery. Mahesh has also acted in the film last. He talked about this disease in the interview.

Bleeding started in the final shoot

Mahesh Manjrekar told Hindustan Times, I was undergoing treatment for an overactive bladder for about a year and a half. But one day the bleeding started during the shoot of the final. So I had to go to get checked. Then it came to know that I had cancer for so long. Had I started cancer treatment a year and a half earlier, my bladder would have survived.

Abroad for no treatment

Mahesh Manjrekar had to undergo 4 rounds of chemotherapy in 3 months during the shoot of the final. Mahesh says, Salman had said that I should go Abroad for treatment. But I trusted my own doctors. Chemotherapy had not affected me that much and felt that I could finish the film too. After surgery, I needed three months to recover.

deliberately concealed

Mahesh did not mention his illness to anyone. Mahesh says, I told the people around me not to talk about it. Many people get cancer and it’s not a big deal. Feels like I need sympathy.