Made in India App: These are the top 5 made in India apps which are giving competition to Whatsapp and Twitter

The Indian government had banned many Chinese apps last year, including popular apps like TikTok. After the ban on these apps, people started looking for their alternative and the government also emphasized on Made in India apps. Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, app maker companies launched the Made in India option of many popular apps. The good thing is that these Made in India apps have also been very popular among the users. Today we have brought you information about similar made in apps available in the market, which are being liked a lot as an alternative to many apps from Whatsapp to Twitter.Also Read – Buy this great wireless neckband for less than Rs 1,000, know full details here

Sandes: If you are looking for the Made in India option of Whatsapp, then you do not need to search much. India’s National Science Center (NIC) recently launched the Sandes app as a rival to Whatsapp. Which is currently available for iPhone and will soon be made available for Android as well. In this app, you will get features like end to end encryption, contact sharing, message styling, group chat, video and voice calls like Whatsapp. Also Read – 4 year old girl was wearing Smartwatch and suddenly exploded!

Koo: Microblogging site Twitter is in great trend among users and it is used fiercely to express their views. But if you are looking for a native option, then you can use the Koo app. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also mentioned this many times and it is being used by many big leaders. The Koo app supports many Indian languages ​​and you can create short messages in it. Which are named Toots. Also Read – To protect the smartphone from hackers or fraud, make these changes in the settings, otherwise there may be problems

Moj: The short video making platform was very popular among TikTok users and users were disappointed after it was banned. But soon many of its options knocked in the market. These also include Made in Apps Moj. This app has now got an important place among the users and it is also being liked a lot. If you have also been a TikTok user and now want to use its Made in India option, Moj can be a best option.

FAU-G: This game was very much discussed before the launch and users were very excited about it. The main reason for this was that FAUG was launched in the market as an alternative to the PUBG game. The popularity of PUBG is probably not hidden from anyone and in such a situation, people were looking for such a great game after it was banned. Made in India game FAUG has been launched as its rival. Which is very fun and equipped with many special features.

Carbon Scanner: If you want to scan a document at home, Camscanner app was available in almost everyone’s phone. But after the ban on this Chinese app, it was necessary for the users to fulfill the need of such an easy app. In such a situation, Made in India Carbon Scanner knocked in the market in the market. This app is easy to use and in addition to scanning documents, you will also get the facility to create PDF.