iTEC India 2021 4th edition will be held in December, Delegates from 16 countries May be participate

New Delhi, PTI. iTEC India 2021: Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA) is all set to organize the 4th edition of its International Transportation Electrification Conference (iTEC) in December. This conference will be organized in Manesar, Haryana. According to the information received by the press release, delegates from about 16 countries can participate in this conference.

Regarding organizing the fourth edition, SAEINDIA President Rashmi Urdhvarshe said that in collaboration with IEEE IAS USA, iTEC India 2021 (ITEC India) 2021 will be organized from 16 to 18 December in Manesar, Haryana, where many important topics will be discussed. .

Delegates from 16 countries can participate

According to a press release, delegates from 16 countries can attend this conference. SAEINDIA will start silver jubilee celebrations this year and its grand finale will be in November 2022.

Meeting will be held on the topic ‘E-mobility for self-reliant India’

The theme of this conference is ‘E-mobility for self-reliant India’, on which delegates from different countries will express their views.

Various topics including power electronics, electric machines, electric and hybrid electric vehicle architecture, energy storage, fuel cells, batteries and battery management will be discussed during the event. This meeting is also important because the topics of rapid development in the automotive market in the country will be discussed and this can benefit the auto industry in the coming times.

C V Raman, CTO of MSIL and patron of the event, said that with the support of the Government of India, massive work will be done in building the supporting infrastructure and ecosystem for rapid adoption of electric vehicles.

Raman said the important question regarding import of raw material of lithium and cobalt needs to be addressed for long-term self-reliance and sustainable development of electric mobility in the country.

Edited By: Atul Yadav