International Students Day 2021 5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Teacher Student Relationship

Student Teacher Relationship – Photo : Istock

You must know about Teacher’s Day. Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India on 5 September on the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. But a person becomes a guru or a teacher when someone becomes their disciple. In such a situation, if there is a day like Teacher’s Day, then it is imperative to celebrate Students’ Day as well. Today is International Students Day. Every year on November 17, the world celebrates as International Students’ Day. In many countries, this day is celebrated with enthusiasm by the students as well as the teachers. The relationship between the student and the teacher is considered to be more than that of the parents since time immemorial. When there were gurus like Vishwamitra and Dronacharya, there were also students like Eklavya and Arjuna. But in today’s era it is difficult to find such guru students. To make an ideal student, only the teacher has to make efforts. Let us know that five important things that every teacher should keep in mind to build a strong relationship with the students.

Student Teacher Relationship – Photo : pixabay

have to believe

Trust is most important for any relationship. The teacher should always have faith in his student and try to live up to the beliefs and expectations of the students. Most of the students consider their teacher as their role model. In such a situation, the teacher should maintain this belief of his.

Student Teacher Relationship – Photo : Amar Ujala

communicate with each other

The teacher should communicate openly with his students and try to understand their mind. There can be many types of fears in the mind of children in student life. It is the responsibility of the teacher to know the condition of the mind of the students and remove their fear and inspire them to move forward. So there should be a dialogue between the two.

Student Teacher Relationship – Photo : Pixabay

motivate the student

Only a teacher can motivate a student to move forward. For this, the teacher should have high expectations from the student and should also make the student realize that there are many expectations from him. Don’t be the pressure of the student but be the inspiration.

Student Teacher Relationship – Photo : Istock

Find out the student’s abilities

It is the responsibility of a teacher to help the student to bring out his hidden talents. Identify their abilities to see which students are more proficient in which area or subject. What things or works is he interested in?