Indian Used cheapest mobile data in World but Internet speed is poorest says Report

New Delhi, Saurabh Verma. Mobile Data Usage:in India The number of mobile internet users is increasing very rapidly. The cheapest data in the world is available in India. Due to this, India’s daily data limit has become 4GB. According to the report, India consumes the most data per month. According to the latest report by Ericsson Mobility Report, the average data usage for the month in India was 13GB in 2019, which increased to 14.6GB per month in the year 2020. Data consumption has increased by 45 times in the year 2021 as compared to 2014. At present, there are 1.18 billion mobile connections in India. Out of this 700 million are internet users and 600 million are smartphone users, which are growing at 25 million per quarter. According to the report, by the year 2026, the average data consumption could be 40GB per month.

Revolutionary change in mobile data price due to Jio’s entry

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the total number of telephone users in the country has reached 1,209.58 million. The overall Tele-density in the country has reached 88.45 percent, in which the share of urban and rural is 55.50 percent and 44.50 percent respectively. According to the TRAI report, the data cost per GB has come down from Rs 269 to Rs 10.93 in 2021 as compared to the year 2014. At the same time, in the year 2016, with the entry of Reliance Jio in the Indian telecom market, there was a sudden drop in the prices of mobile data. Where in the year 2015, the price per 1GB of data used to be Rs 226. That came down to Rs 75.57 in the year 2016. The price per 1GB of data has been decreasing continuously since 2016. Let us tell you that there are 58.51 internet users per 100 population in India. It is 103.98 in urban area and 34.60 in rural.

cost per GB of data

  • 2014 – Rs 269
  • 2015 – Rs 226
  • 2016 – Rs 75.57
  • 2017 – Rs 19.35
  • 2018 – Rs 11.78
  • 2019 – Rs 11.20
  • 2020 – Rs 10.99
  • 2021 – Rs 10.93

Where is the data consumption

If we talk about data consumption, then India is included in the list of top-5 countries who spend the most time on social media in the world. India is on the top-3 position in terms of spending the most time on social media. According to the Global Web Index survey, people in China spend the most time on social media.

  • China – 1.57 hours
  • America – 2.08 hours
  • India – 2.6 hours
  • Nigeria – 3.42 hours
  • Philippines – 3.50 hours

India lags behind in mobile internet speed

Mobile data is available at the lowest cost in India. But the reality is also that India is far behind in mobile internet speed. India is far behind Pakistan in this respect. According to Ooka’s September 2021 report, India’s average downloading mobile internet speed is 63.15 Mbps. While the uploading speed is 13.37 Mbps. If you compare India with the rest of the countries, then India is ranked 127 out of 138 countries in this list. Neighboring country Pakistan is in a better position than India in this list. Pakistan’s rank is 117 out of 138 countries. Pakistan has improved 3 places from last month. While India’s ranking has declined by 1 place.

Whose ranking and speed

  • Nepal – Ranking 110th – 22.39 Mbps
  • Pakistan – Ranked 117th – 19.82 Mbps
  • India – 127th Ranking – 17.89 Mbps
  • Sri Lanka – 128th Ranking – 16.58 Mbps

Countries With Top 5 Mobile Internet Speeds

  • UAE – 238 Mbps
  • South Korea – 202 Mbps
  • Norwegian – 177 Mbps
  • Qatar – 172 Mbps
  • China – 165 Mbps