Indian Railways Is Going to Reform Second Class General Coaches Know All Details About This – Passengers

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A large population of India uses railways for travel. That is why Indian Railways is called the life line of India. For the past few years, the campaign of rejuvenation of the Indian Railways has been very fast. Since becoming the Railway Minister, Ashwini Vaishnav has been doing many things to give a new framework to the trains. General class coaches are often packed in Indian Railways. At the same time, the crowd that happens during the festival is worth seeing. Due to this, the passengers traveling in these have to face many problems. Indian Railways has taken a good step to solve this problem of theirs. It is now going to include many special facilities in the general class coaches, which will greatly benefit the passengers traveling in it. In this episode, let us know in detail about the changes being made by Indian Railways in general class coaches –

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If reports are to be believed, now the general class coaches will be air conditioned. This will give a lot of convenience to the passengers traveling in the general class. Not only this, the new General and Economy AC coaches will run at a speed of 180 kmph on the track. With this, passengers will be able to reach their destination soon.

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More number of people will be able to sit in the new second class coach. The Ministry of Railways has mentioned that the work on this project has started and if everything goes well, it will also start soon.

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The campaign for rejuvenation of railways in India is going on very fast. Work is being done very fast for the new coaches of the train and increasing their speed. People will benefit a lot from this in the coming time. They will be able to reach their destination in less time.