If you have a history degree these off beat jobs make your career interesting

Jobs In History

There are excellent career opportunities in the field of history. Photo-iStock&nbsp


  • Excellent career opportunities are also being created in the field of history.
  • Career can be made as Archaeologist, Travel Expert, Conservator.
  • Along with international organizations, job opportunities are available in museums, Archaeological Institute of India etc.

New Delhi: The subject of history in India, IT, science has not been as glamorous as other subjects. But in spite of this, by specializing in this field, career can be made excellent. Especially in today’s internet era when history is being explored more. In such a situation, today we are telling you how you can make your career great through a degree in history.

History is divided like this

Whatever happens, becomes history. But in history, only those events usually find a place, due to which there is an impact on the society and the country. On this basis, history is broadly divided into two parts. One is history which has written evidence, the other which does not have written evidence. The part without written evidence is said to be prehistoric. Whereas written becomes historical. This part is divided into three parts. Which is called ancient history, medieval history and modern history in the context of India.

where you can make career

After 12th, there is a chance to do graduation in history and after that post graduation including PhD etc. Under this, a good career can be made in history by specializing.

archaeologistFrom the identification of the historical site to their maintenance, the focus of all governments is now on. In such a situation, new opportunities are being created for archaeologists. Apart from this, there are many institutes and universities internationally, where archeology expert gets preference.

travel expert- In today’s era, the hobby of traveling is increasing among the people. But a good travel expert’s companies along with various broadcasting organizations are needed. In such a situation, a good historian can also become a good travel expert. The infotainment channel is always in need of good travel experts.

Conservator and MuseologistNational Institute of Museums offers post graduation like conservator, museologist. From where one can become a conservator and a museologist with a degree. Under this, a career can be made from museum management, research, public relations to designing.

museumr curatorThis is also a special kind of career. In this, work is done from the maintenance of ancient heritage to their identification etc.

History expert- Apart from this, you can also become a history professor and expert in the field of history. Which are in demand in universities and colleges. At the same time, the demand as a specialist is increasing. Especially the demand for experts in political history has increased a lot these days. Apart from these fields, there is also a good option as a teacher.

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