If you are parking the car in the parking beware of the slingshot gang

Jagran Correspondent, Faridabad: If you are parking a car in the parking lot, then beware of the slingshot gang. The members of this gang break the glass of the car in a jiffy and take away the valuable salmon kept inside. This gang has been committing crime in the district for a long time, but its members are never caught. If a laptop, a large number of rupees or other valuables are stolen from the car, then only people complain, otherwise they leave it as a normal incident. Recently, this gang has committed two incidents. Every month three to four cases are registered for stealing valuables from inside by breaking the glass of cars. The victim of this gang suffers double loss. One was the theft of goods from the car, the other was broken. The cost of car glass ranges from five to 20 thousand.


Ashok Kumar, a resident of Model Town Rohtak, is a businessman. He had reached the factory located in Sector-69 IMT in his Fortuner car in connection with business. They parked the car outside the factory and went inside. After some time, the windshield of the returned car was found broken. His bag was missing from inside. According to Ashok Kumar, the bag contained his necessary documents including Rs 4.85 lakh, his licensed pistol, 12 cartridges. After finding the thieves at his level, he gave a complaint to the police. On his complaint, the Sadar Ballabhgarh police station has registered a case.


Shadubj Zafar, a resident of Pandav Nagar, Delhi, told the police that he was a manager in a Delhi-based company. He had come to an office in Faridabad Sector-30 for company work. He parked his car outside the office and went inside. When he returned after about two hours after finishing the work, the glass of the car was found broken. The laptop bag was missing from it. In the bag were his laptop, necessary documents including Rs 2800. On his complaint, Sector-31 police station has registered a case and started investigation.

Children join gangs

About three years ago, the members of this gang were arrested by the Crime Branch Sector-48. Then it came to know that children are involved in this gang. One person trains or supervises these children. Children walk around offices, parks with big bags in their hands pretending to be a junk picker. They keep slingshots and marbles in the bag. While walking, they keep peeping inside the cars. In any car in which the bag is seen on the seat, they break the glass of the car by aiming with a slingshot from some distance. After waiting for some time, they stole the bag kept in the car and fled. Because of the involvement of children in this gang, it is not easy for the police to nab them.

Avoid this gang like this

DCP Crime Narendra Kadian told that the best way to avoid this gang is not to leave any bag or valuables inside the car. Keep empty bags in the car in such a way that it is not visible from outside. Park the car in authorized parking. After a while keep looking at the car. Put an anti theft alarm in the car.

Edited By: Jagran