how to speed up laptop know these five amazing tricks | Has the speed of your laptop also decreased? Get started running quickly with these 5 tricks

New Delhi: Are you also troubled by the decreasing speed of your laptop? Has your laptop’s processing speed slowed down? The slow speed of the laptop proves to be negative for our productivity and ability to focus. Many times while working, the speed of the laptop suddenly decreases and at that time we get very angry. Let us know about the tricks that will speed up your laptop speed.

Tricks to speed up laptop speed-

Close unnecessary tabs in browser

While using the browser in the laptop, open at least tabs because the more tabs open on your laptop, the more burden will be on the RAM and processor of your laptop, so do not open unnecessary tabs in the browser because they affect the speed of the laptop.

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Close background programs without work

Immediately close such programs which are running in the background of your laptop without any reason. Because of this, the resources of your laptop are spent for the wrong task. That’s why close any program windows that are unnecessary.

restart your laptop

If the speed of your laptop has slowed down, then simply restart your laptop. This will clear the cache memory of the laptop. Clearing the cache memory of the laptop will increase the speed of your laptop.

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uninstall unnecessary programs

Uninstalling unnecessary programs from the laptop is one of the most effective ways to increase the speed of the laptop. If you do not open a program for a long time and still you have to close it again and again, then you can also uninstall such program.

Take care of startup apps

Know that over time some startup apps are created in your laptop which affects the speed of your laptop because these startup apps spend your laptop’s resources. But you are not aware of it.

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