How do you make your eyes stop hurting from computer screen know the tips pra

How can I prevent headache on my computer? computer and laptop It has become a part of our lifestyle. Then whether it is office work, studies or entertainment. After the start of work from home culture, now sitting in front of the computer, its effect has started showing on the body too. The complaints of headache and pain in the eyes are increasing rapidly among people due to the continuous gaze of the screen for several hours. According to the healthline, the biggest cause of headache due to working hours on a laptop or computer is actually eye strain, which is happening due to focusing on the screen for hours. It increases further due to the ever-increasing light of the screen and causes headache.

causes of headache

Between hours of work on the computer or laptop, your brain forces the eyes to stay on the screen. In such a situation, the eyes get tired and the headache starts.

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If you are not working continuously by sitting in the right posture, then it puts stress on your cervical neck and starts pain in the eyes and head.

The strong light coming from the computer makes our eyes and surrounding muscles tired.

With increasing light, the eyes are more stressed in focusing again and again and headache starts.

Keep headache away in this way

first way

You follow the 20-20-20 formula. That is, every 20 minutes, remove your eyes from the screen for 20 seconds and look up to a distance of 20 feet.

second way

Use dim light indoors and avoid strong sunlight or any other light as far as possible.

third way

Whenever working on a laptop, make sure to always use a chair with handles.

fourth way

If the laptop has night mode screen light option, then use it during the day as well.

fifth way

Reduce the brightness of the screen and then work.

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sixth way

Do not keep the font size small. Always work on increasing it.

seventh way

Do not use overhead lights during work.

eighth way

If possible, use the glare filter on the screen.

ninth way

Blink your eyelids frequently, avoid looking at a tucked screen.

tenth way

Avoid working in the dark. If you work keeping these methods in mind, then you can avoid the problems of headache and can work without any problem.

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