Heritage School students visited Haryana Culture

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Dialogue associate, Kanina: Students of Heritage Public Senior Secondary School, Mohanpur, located in Kanina sub-division, visited the Haryana culture in Pratapgarh. Chairman Omprakash Sharma flagged them off.

The chairman of the school, Omprakash Sharma told that the children were taken to Pratapgarh for a tour of Haryana culture, where the children completely enjoyed the tour of Haryana and tried to understand them very well how in our Haryana. Everyone lives together, do we have dances in Haryana, which sports are played, what things are famous in Haryana, how is the sports world of Haryana, how do the people of Haryana entertain themselves and What are the means of entertainment? How the people of Haryana used to move from one place to another some time ago, which animals were reared, how did the people of the villages entertain themselves, what tools did they adopt for agriculture? The children toured about all these and enjoyed their tour of Haryana culture very easily. The chairman of the school Omprakash Sharma said that along with the children, the teachers of the school were also seen enjoying the tour. The chairman of the school Omprakash Sharma told the children that we should keep traveling from time to time, due to which we will get to learn new things and our knowledge will also increase.

Haryana Day and Deepawali seen in GR School

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Sons, Kanina: Haryana Day was celebrated in the premises of GR International School, Kanina. On this occasion Shri Rajesh Bhardwaj and Avijit Banerjee addressed the children and apprised the children about the culture, geographical location and food habits of Haryana. Children presented music, dance, poetry and speeches on Haryana Day. On this occasion, Retired Professor Ratan Lal felicitated the winners of various competitions held at Bal Bhavan and drawing teacher Anil Kumar, dance teacher Vivek Kumar and music teacher Prashant Kumar. Before Diwali, various competitions have been organized in the school under the supervision of Avijit Banerjee and Pooja Sharma. In competitions, Rangoli competition was made inter-house and Diya and Candle decoration competitions were organized at class level. In Rangoli competition Patel House and Tagore House got first position and Tilak House got second position, in Diya Decoration Competition, Adamya got first position, RV got second position. From B group, Riddhima got first position, Yashika and Jiya got second position. Proper and Tilak secured first position in Group C. Naina got first and Honey got second position from Group S in Candle Decorating Competition. In Group B, Ridhima got first and Deepanshu got second position. In the end, the director of the school, Vijay Pal Yadav and principal Deepak Vashisht honored the winners.

Edited By: Jagran