Healthy people also get sick after coming to Marr Health and Wellness Center

Jagran correspondent, Khagaria: Only one health and wellness center Madar North for the health facility of more than 70 thousand population of four panchayats, Madar North, Madar Dakshin, Rasaunk and Uttar Mardar, situated in the lap of Malti river, six kilometers away from the district headquarters. It is located near Morkahi police station. A population of more than 70 thousand depends on this health and wellness center. But in the name of facilities, there is no arrangement for any kind of treatment except vaccination. Nor is there any kind of medicine available here. The Health and Wellness Center has been running for years with the help of two ANM in-charges Janakdulari Devi, Rekha Devi and a CHO Rashmi Bharti. Where Janakdulari Devi in-charge of the wellness center and CHO Rashmi Bharti are present on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, for the remaining three days, Bachhota goes to the panchayat for vaccination. After which the center runs under the trust of an ANM Rekha Devi. The objective of the Health and Wellness Center is to detect and timely diagnose diseases at the primary and local level. But despite having only one health and wellness center among the population of 70 thousand, neither a single doctor sits here nor is there any kind of treatment for the people. Health and wellness center is running on garbage heap

People come to the hospital for recovery. But, if you are going to the health and wellness center in Mardar North, then be careful. Here instead of getting health benefits, you will be inviting disease. This health and wellness center is operating on a pile of garbage. BJP leaders Sanjit Kumar Sah and Rakesh Paswan tell that this three-room health center was established near Morkahi picket in the 1975s with the effort of then Madar North chief Smritish Viplav Babu. But it was captured by Pickett’s soldiers. Later, after the formation of Morkahi police station, the police of the police station also lived in it. But after the protest of the villagers and the initiative of the Health Department, the Health and Wellness Center, which had been dilapidated since the Corona period, was repaired two and a half years ago. It was inaugurated by the then District Magistrate Anirudh Prasad. But still the situation has not improved. There is neither health facility nor sanitation facilities. At the same time, if people are to be believed, two months ago, the handpump pipe installed in the Health and Wellness Center premises was bitten by the smack-drinking assailants. While the Morkahi police station is located adjacent. Adjacent to the police station is a six-unit community toilet built by the panchayat. Its doors and hand pump have been uprooted by thieves. The land of the Health and Wellness Center has been encroached upon by the local people. The cattle rearers tie buffaloes outside the main gate of the health centre.

what is the facility

Janakdulari Devi, in-charge of the center, says that here on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, diabetes, BP etc. are checked. Medicines are also given after the examination. Mainly the system of vaccination is here. If necessary, first aid is also done. He said that the garbage has been piled up outside the center by the local people. The foul smell has made it difficult for health workers to sit here. Even after having a police station nearby, the situation here has become worse.

An attempt was made to contact Sadar PHC in-charge Dr. Rajiv Kumar on mobile, but he did not pick up the mobile. Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital Dr. YS Prayas said that the PHC in-charge will give better information about the status of Health and Wellness Center.

Edited By: Jagran