Health Benefits: By drinking fig milk in winter, you will get these benefits, know how to make it


Delhi, First Published Nov 18, 2021, 7:41 PM IST

New Delhi. Winter season has started. In such a situation, everyone feels that they should consume hot things. Due to which we also get heat and taste is also good. If you also want to keep your health good, then daily Anjeer Should be consumed with milk. Because the iron, copper, magnesium and calcium and vitamins found in it are beneficial for health. So let us tell you today, how to make fig milk.

fig milk recipe

  • To make this, first you have to wash the figs thoroughly.
  • After that it has to be soaked for the whole night.
  • Then make a paste out of it.
  • After making the paste, put it in a glass and then pour hot milk and serve it.

health benefits of drinking fig milk

Gives relief in constipation

If you have problems related to constipation, then you should consume it for this. Because the metabolism found in it maintains your body and provides health benefits.

weight management

We tend to eat more during winters. Laddu, Panjiri, Halwa and much more – we have got tons of delicious options to choose from. This leads to weight gain later. Then Fig Milk comes to the rescue. It not only keeps you full for a long time but also prevents weight gain.

keeps you warm

Fig milk helps to keep you warm at night and sleep well in winters. This further helps in preventing seasonal infections including cold and flu. That’s why you must consume it.

There are other such remedies, by adopting which your health will also be good and you will not have any kind of disease.

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