Google Pay launches new feature, Speech to text will work in users’ own language. Google Pay launches new feature, will work in users’ own language

New Delhi: Google Pay to make digital payments easierGoogle Pay) has added another great feature. Now digital payment company Google Pay has included the option of ‘speech to text feature’ on its app. With the help of this feature, users can do any kind of transaction from the account by speaking. This facility will be available for all users.

Google Pay will run in your language

on phone (Phone Pe), Paytm (Paytm) and Amazon Pay (Amazon PayGoogle Pay, which competes with Google Pay, says this is Google’s new feature in this category and on the global label. Along with this, the option of ‘Hinglish’ has also been added as the preferred language in the application.

Type the account number by speaking

After the new update, when a user has to type the account number of another user, then with the help of speech-to-text feature, this work can also be done by speaking. After typing the account number by speaking, the user will confirm that account number. Any kind of transaction will be processed only after getting the confirmation from the user.

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The company is focusing on the best technology

Google Pay Vice President (Product Management) Ambareesh Kenghe said, “We are on a mission to make payments easier. In general, the way we think about it, it’s creating a lot of economic opportunities for everyone. We are the Digital Payment Ecosystem in India (Digital Payment Ecosystemhappy with ) Also the main focus of the company is to make digital payments relevant to all (relevant) and inclusive (Inclusive) is focused on creating as well as bringing innovation and best technology as part of its efforts.

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