google pay hinglish feature: Google for India: do not know English? So you will be able to use Google Pay in Hinglish language – google for india google pay to get bill split feature and hinglish language option soon


  • Google for India event
  • Great features will come for Google Pay
  • Can also be used in Hinglish

New Delhi. Google has announced several major upgrades related to the Google Payments app. Users will now get the option of Hinglish in Google Pay. This will be Google’s first app with Hinglish option. With the introduction of this new feature, it will be easier for people to use Google Pay. Especially for those who do not have much understanding of English. Indeed, most Indians are more comfortable communicating/conversing in Hinglish than in English. This feature will help users across regions to make payments using Google Pay with ease.

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Search giant Google also brought new bill split features
During its event, Google has announced that last year the company had launched Groups on Google Pay. However, now the search giant is adding a new feature to make groups even more useful with the new Bill Split. As the name suggests, this bill split feature will allow a group of people in a restaurant to split the bill. Users can pay their share by activating the bill split mode.

Over 10 Million Merchants Now on Google Pay

Speaking about the new feature, Ambareesh Kenghe, Vice President of Product Management, Google Pay, said, “With over 10 million merchants now on Google Pay for Business, many users are increasingly taking to digital payments every day. He added that We are making it easy for merchants and micro entrepreneurs to build an online presence directly from the Google Pay for Business app.

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will be beneficial for traders

With the launch of MyShop, merchants will be able to easily create a storefront. Where they will be able to add images, descriptions of their products and prices in an easy and intuitive way. Then you will be able to share the link on Google through your business profile. We hope this will further drive the adoption of digital payments among new users, and help them build their online presence and benefit from the growing digital economy, he added. He added that MyShop and other features will be live on Google Pay in the coming months.

Hinglish will be helpful for those who have problem in English
Another interesting feature that will be really beneficial for Indian users is the ability to use Hinglish on Google Pay. To use the Google Pay app in Hinglish, users will be able to change the language from the settings.

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The feature will roll out in 2022

How popular and widely used app is Google Pay. In view of this, the support of Hinglish language will further increase the user base. This is because people who are not very comfortable with English will also be able to use the app with ease. Google said that the feature will be rolled out for users in 2022.

This upgrade done in search results, will help in this

Apart from this, Google has also announced an upgrade related to its search. Now users will be able to listen to the search result. This means that you no longer have to go through the search results individually. You can simply tap a button and ask Google to read whatever is displayed in the search results. This feature will be especially useful if you are in a situation where you cannot look at your phone because you are either driving or doing something else. That is, when you do not have time to put on earphones or listen carefully to the phone, then it will be very useful.