google maps speedometer: This feature of Google Maps will save thousands of rupees from deduction, use this way – google maps speedometer know how to use while navigating see tips and tricks

google maps speedometer: Have you ever noticed that Google notifies you when you drive over the speed limit? Tells you that you are driving your car at over speed. Today we are going to tell you how you can use it i.e. Google’s Speedometer to make city driving easier. Using this feature along with navigation means eliminating the chances of over-speeding and not having to over-speed, even the hassle of deducting the challan.

Your travel companion Google Maps
When you are looking for a destination/place that is unknown to you, Google Maps comes in handy at that time. If you have a car, then with the help of Google Maps, then only you have to handle the steering, look at the side mirrors.

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Along with this, the speedometer, brakes, gears, accelerator and many more things have to be taken care of. Google Map just keeps working to take you to that destination. In such a situation, many things have to be taken care of at the same time. But you know that such a great feature has been given in Google Maps, which can compile all the work you do during driving.

This is how the speedometer of Google Maps works
While navigating through Google Maps users will actually be getting information about the speed of their car, such as the speedometer of the vehicle. However, it is more of a speed enforcer than a speedometer. If you exceed the speed limit of your car, Google Maps works to guide you by checking the speed of your vehicle.

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Additionally, notifies you when you have exceeded the speed limit. Google Maps speedometer changes color when the speed limit is exceeded.

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The speed limit is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen above where the time duration of your trip is displayed. Speed ​​limit indicates the duration/duration of the journey, estimated time of arrival, how many kilometers are left, and options to stop navigation and re-route the entire route.

How to Use Google Maps Speedometer: How to Use

  • First of all, you have to open Google Map on your mobile.
  • Then in the top right corner, you have to select the profile photo and then select ‘Settings’.
  • After that scroll down to ‘Navigation Settings’ and then you can switch the Speed ​​Limit button to ON.
  • The process of activating it is done! Now, if you exceed the speed limit, Google Maps will notify you automatically. However, Google suggests using your vehicle’s speedometer to confirm the actual speed of the vehicle.
  • Google Maps Speedometer Helps You Avoid Deducting Your Challan
  • The most important thing about Google Map’s speedometer is that with its help, you can avoid paying huge challans. It often happens that you go on driving in your tune, in such a situation you do not pay attention to the speed of the car. Due to which your huge challan can be deducted. In such a situation, the over speed of work can not only be dangerous for your safety, but also works to cut your pocket. So if this feature is not activated in your phone, then you can activate it by following the above mentioned specs.