Google launches new features, tools to support local news

SAN FRANCISCO, INS. The giant tech company Google has launched a new tool and feature. It is designed for both reader and reporter. With the help of this feature, local news organizations will get a place in Google search results. In fact, national level news was shown in the search results on searching anything. But now there will be a change in this trend. For this, the search result can be placed by Google according to the location of the person. In which importance will be given to national as well as local news.

what will be the benefit

Simply put, Google will show you local news in search results. It is being launched for languages ​​around the world. Meaning you will be able to search local news on Google in the language. Earlier, Google gave priority to local news related to Kovid Search in the search list. But now it has been expanded by Google. In such a situation, soon local sports, local politics, and other news will be given priority.

Local news will get priority

Google said it is revamping its system to place local news stories with news of national importance when it comes to essential local news. For example, if you are searching for football news, search results for not only national, international but also local news will appear on the search page. Google said that tweets from news organizations along with official sources and writers will also be shown on its behalf. Let us tell you that Google’s event is in India on November 18 i.e. tomorrow. In such a situation, it is expected that some other new features can be announced.

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