Good Health Care Tips, To Reduce The Protruding Stomach, Do Plank Exercise Like This And Plank Exercise

Plank Exercise: The accumulated fat on your body near the abdomen and waist often spoils your personality. In such a situation, people do not know what to do to reduce this fat, whereas through plank this fat can be easily got rid of. But many people are often confused about Planck. Plank is the most basic exercise to strengthen your core. People often remain in doubt about its position and its timing. In such a situation, here we will tell you the right position to plank and for how long you should plank. Let’s know.

More effective than other abdominal exercises-

Plank exercise may seem very easy in appearance. But balancing the entire body weight on your toes and arms is not an easy task. There are many people who take months to come to the right plank position. At the same time, this exercise strengthens the muscles of all your body parts.

So many minutes are enough for plank in one set- If you are doing plank exercise, then you should understand that it must have an effect on your muscles. For this, you start with at least 10 seconds and go up to a minute. On the other hand, if you are having trouble holding the body between or after 1 minute or your position is not getting right. So you start again.

Planck’s correct position

  • First of all, lie down on your stomach on the ground and then keep the body up on the strength of your toes and elbows.
  • In this, your hands will be just below the shoulders and should be kept as wide as your shoulders are.
  • You have to keep your whole body straight. At the same time, you have to keep your neck straight and keep your stomach raised and look down.
  • You have to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.

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