– flying bike launching soon developed by mitsubishi, xturismo flying bike or hoverbike unveil, see features


  • No clarity on when it will launch in India
  • Many companies are making cars that fly in the air
  • Great looks and good speed and range

New Delhi.
Flying Bike Xturismo Hoverbike Look Price Features:
You must have heard and seen a lot about Flying Car and Flying Bikes in Starwars and Marvel series movies, but now it has become a reality. Yes, not a flying car, but a flying bike has definitely been launched. Japanese company Mitsubishi has recently unveiled the Xturismo or Hoverbike Flying Bike, which is quite spectacular to look at. In the coming time, if it comes on the roads, then people will get rid of the problem of traffic jam.

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looks like a spacecraft
If you are wondering where Flying Bike Xturismo or Hoverbike has been launched and who has launched it, then let us tell you that it has been developed by Personalized Flying Transport and ALI Technologies with the support of Mitsubishi. It looks completely different, but since it has handlebars and ergonomics is similar to that of a bike, it is being considered as a flying bike. It looks like a film spacecraft, whose look and design are very spectacular.

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Flying Bike Xturismo Hoverbike Look Price Features

Flying bike is pretty cool to look at

You will be surprised to see the price
According to media reports, it has been introduced in Japan for around Rs 5.5 crore. For the price of the Xturismo, the superbike comes. The developers have set a target of selling 200 units of this flying bike by the year 2022. Weighing 300 kg and 4 meters long, this hoverbike has 4 electric batteries and 7 rotors. The company claims that this hoverbike can fly in the air for 30-40 minutes, while its maximum speed can be up to 100kmph. Nothing has been revealed about its launch in India.

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