Fifa World Cup 2022 : Indian Labors Are Forced To Work 11 Hours Long In Extreme Heat Of Qatar Preparing Stadium Fifa World Cup 2022 Workers working 11 hours in scorching heat

In Qatar’s extremely hot afternoon and scorching, scorching heat, some workers are working in the country’s stadiums. These workers are sweating to prepare for the World Cup which is going to be held in Qatar next year. About half a dozen migrant laborers were seen working at Lusail Stadium. They were given the task of building stone pavements around the stadium as the venue for the FIFA World Cup final is not yet ready.

A report by DailyMail has given information about them, in which the daily wages of workers, 12 pounds (Rs 1199) for 11 hours of work and their lives have been told. After hard work, these laborers board buses and return to their camps. Most of the sites in Qatar’s capital Doha are currently under construction. Shikhar, a laborer, says of the work, ‘A lot of footpaths are being built here.’ Qatar wants to show its best face to the world. That is why the laborers will be sent on forced leave for five months from August next year.
Good news for Indian workers in Qatar, employers will have to provide health insurance

work by covering the face
During the day, the workers work in the scorching heat with their faces covered with scarves and cloths. After which the night ‘rest’ in a small camp the size of a bus stop. This scene shows the painful reality hidden behind Qatar’s preparations for the World Cup. Qatar has spent billions of rupees in preparation for the 28-day competition, intending to maintain its global reputation. But he is hiding his face about his terrible behavior with the workers.

Anonymous death of six laborers
Exposure to heat is a serious problem for workers. Amnesty International’s reality check report on the condition of migrant workers, published on Tuesday, found that “heat stress” posed a “major risk to workers”. It is also the cause of a certain number of deaths. It cited the death of six young laborers whose cause of death is still unclear. Last year, a laborer named Suman had died due to long work in 38 degree Celsius temperature.


Photo : Dailymail