Estimated to have a business of 30 crores in two days, for two years, the subscription has been weak from Corona on Diwali, now good business is expected | Deepawali has been weak due to Corona for two years, now hope for good business

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  • Estimated To Have A Business Of 30 Crores In Two Days, For Two Years, The Subscription Has Been Weak From Corona On Diwali, Now Good Business Is Expected

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Crowds gathered at the clothes shops in the evening.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Crowds gathered at the clothes shops in the evening.

The Deepotsav, which is considered to be the biggest festival for subscription, is going to start from Tuesday. Customers, which have been weak for two years regarding Corona, are expected to be good this time. This year, Dhanteras, which is celebrated for two days from Tuesday itself, is expected to generate a business of around Rs 30 crore. Shopkeepers are also keeping the shops decorated with this expectation. However, since Monday afternoon, there was a good crowd at the shops of clothes etc.

According to the information, demonetisation took place about three years ago. Since then, the festive season has had a significant impact on rents. People had not even recovered from demonetisation that 2 years ago they came under financial crisis from Corona. After that this year the effect of Corona is over for about four-five months. Due to this people started working. Factories etc. are also running smoothly. Due to this, good subscription is expected on Deepotsav starting from tomorrow. On behalf of Dainik Bhaskar, we talked to bullion traders, electronic traders, cloth merchants, vehicle traders, etc., and it came to the fore that this time the subscription is expected to be more than the last two years.

Bullion shop.

Bullion shop.

two days dhanteras
This year people will observe Dhanteras for two days on Tuesday and Wednesday. So this year on Dhanteras people will shop for two days. With this, the shopkeepers will get good customer service for two days. Shri Vyapar Mahasangh President Manish Bansal told that the bullion business in the day is estimated to be 10 to 15 crores across the district. On the other hand, car and tractor seller Rajiv told that the business of tractor and car will be around ten crores. Similarly, a small business will also be around 5 crores. At the same time, the business of electronic items and crackers is also estimated to be 5-5 crores.

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