Earning huge profits by doing business of eco-friendly lamps, know how

Eco-Friendly Diya

Those people who believe in the ability of their steps, often they get the destination. Yes, Divya, who lives in Sadhwani Idgah Hills of Bhopal, has shown something like this. Actually, he has started the business of diyas from cow’s milk, ghee, dung and cow urine. Earlier, she used to work in a digital marketing company, but the desire to do something different has brought her to this point.

Started the business of diyas in lockdown (Diya business started in lockdown)

In the lockdown, he had discussed the business of diyas and after that together with his brother, he started the business of diya which is made from cow dung, cow urine etc. Let us tell you that today she has started a small company and at the same time is helping people by giving them employment.

Self help group had made eco friendly diya (Self Help Group created eco-friendly Diyas)

Earlier in October 2021, around Diwali, the Self Help Group of Madhya Pradesh had started manufacturing similar eco-friendly diyas. In 10 villages of Bhopal, 15 lakh scented eco-friendly diyas were made from cow dung and these diyas will be sent to Ayodhya and Mathura.

At the same time, one thousand women are working fast in the work of making 15 lakh eco-friendly diyas in 10 villages of Bhopal. Powder is also added to it for fragrance. Let us tell you that 11 lakhs were sent to the temples of Ayodhya and 3 lakhs to Mathura.

how to make Huh Oxygen lamps (How oxygen givers Diyas are made)

Divya explains that, this lamp is also eco-friendly which is prepared from cow’s milk, ghee, dung, curd and cow urine and also basil and neem leaves have been used in it. This lamp is also being liked because after burning it releases oxygen along with the smell.

Mostly this lamp is being used in Havan. In this business of Divya, her family members are also cooperating a lot. The special thing is that due to this, she is also giving employment to the villagers and at the same time she is stopping the cows from going to the slaughter house, that is, they are protecting cows.

Started Online Business (Started Online Business)

He started this business in 2021 and since July, he has earned a profit of 90 thousand rupees in the last October. Let us tell you that he has also started this business online so that people can go to the online platform and order them and get them delivered to their homes.

Business getting height (Businesses getting height)

Divya further tells that, this business has been started in Bhopal as well as in Ahmedabad and there are currently 15 people handling this business. In the future, she wants to increase it even more and in the same way she wants to take people along with her on the path of progress.