Don’t just shop with Amazon on the occasion of Diwali, earn bumper, this is a very easy way to start business with amazon earn 3 lakh rupees check details

Business Idea: In this era of Corona era, if you want to increase your earnings, then we are giving you such an idea, in which you have to take out only 4-5 hours a day. In just such a time, you will earn a bumper.

Actually, giant e-commerce company Amazon can do better reduction through delivery boy. You can register yourself as the company’s delivery partner (Amazon delivery partner jobs in India).

By working as Amazon Delivery Partner in the country, people can earn up to Rs 3 lakh annually. Its specialty is that you do not have to work for 8-10 hours. There is also a lot of demand for delivery boys these days across the country.

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Service has to be given in the range of 10 to 15 km.

The way the online business is growing in the country, the demand for delivery boys is also increasing. A delivery boy has to deliver 100-150 packages in a day. Apart from this, you have to deliver the package within an area of ​​10-15 kms.

Know how to apply

First of all you have to visit the official website of the company. Complete information is given there. According to media reports, first you have to download the Amazon Flex app. In this, you will have to give all such information as your name, mobile number, email address, what kind of vehicle you have. After that you have to register yourself on the app. Then you have to log in to the app through your existing Amazon account.

Then to get the background check (identity check) done, the information asked by the app will have to be entered correctly. After this, you have to choose your service area, where you want to provide delivery service.

These documents will be needed

You must have a degree to become a delivery boy. If the school or college is passed then it is necessary to have a passing certificate. You must have your own bike or scooter to make the delivery. Insurance of bike or scooter including driving license should be RC valid.

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Know how to earn

According to the company’s official website, delivery partners can earn Rs 120 to 140 per hour. With this, you can work more than 6 hours. In such a situation, you can earn around Rs 25,000 per month and an average of Rs 3 lakh annually. If you do this work as part time and work a maximum of 4 hours every day, then you can earn around Rs 17,000 per month and an average of Rs 2 lakh per annum.

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