Devendra Fadnavis big allegation Nawab Malik connection with the underworld | Maharashtra Politics: Devendra Fadnavis alleges, Nawab Malik’s relationship with the underworld

New Delhi: Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis has made a big allegation against the Minister of Maharashtra Government Nawab Malik. He said that Nawab Malik has links with the underworld. He will also give proof of this soon. On Fadnavis’s allegations, Nawab Malik said that he will clarify on Fadnavis’s allegations on Tuesday.

Let us tell you that on the morning of September 1, Nawab Malik shared a photo of Devendra Fadnavis’s wife Amrita Phadnis with a drug peddler and asked who is this brother? What is the connection of BJP?

The name of this peddler is being told as Jaideep Rana. This drug smuggler is currently in jail. According to the information, Rana was arrested by NCB in June this year itself. That is, there is a lot of accusations and counter-allegations from both sides.

‘My wife is being deliberately targeted’
Devendra Fadnavis said that four years old picture has been tweeted today. ACP leader Nawab Malik is bursting Diwali crackers. His allegations are ridiculous. The CM further said that the person had come with the people of the River March Organization and that meeting took place before his name came up in the drugs case.

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Devendra Fadnavis said that Nawab Malik did not tweet his picture with me. Intentionally tweeted a picture with my wife. If a drug racket is exposed from the photo, then what is the point of getting ganja at his son-in-law’s house?

NCP supremo Pawar was also targeted
Devendra Fadnavis further said that if Nawab Malik has lit a sparkler, then the firecracker will also burst after Diwali. What is his relation with the drug mafia and what is the relation of his party supremo Sharad Pawar sahib will also be revealed.

said, I know how to answer
Devendra Fadnavis said that I will consider doing criminal defamation. I do not live in a glass house. I know to answer brick with stone.

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