Deoghar Crime News Granddaughter said he came and killed her on grandmother murder know full story here | Granddaughter said ‘he came and killed her’ on grandmother’s murder, people were stunned when it was revealed

Deoghar: A surprising case has come to light from Deoghar, Jharkhand. Here an 84-year-old is murdered and the blame comes on an unknown youth. However, when this murder case came to light, the ground slipped under the feet of the people.

what is the whole matter
16th of November. The family members of the woman had gone out to celebrate Chhath. At the same time, only the deceased woman and her minor granddaughter were present in the house. During this the old man is killed. At the same time, when the rest of the house return and ask the granddaughter about the grandmother, the answer is, ‘A young man came and ran away after killing the grandmother’.

The family did not understand that after all, what could be the enmity of someone with an old woman? Or is this case related to robbery. Here, this story did not land in the hands of the police. The police was suspicious of the family members and due to this, she was continuously taking information from the sources and furthering her investigation.

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shocking revelation
Everyone was stunned to hear what was revealed during this. Police investigation revealed that this murder was not done by anyone but the minor granddaughter of the deceased grandmother and her lover.

Giving information about the incident, Headquarters DSP Mangal Singh Jamuda said, the matter is related to love affair. There was no one in the house, taking advantage of this, the granddaughter called her lover Pinku Kumar Yadav to meet her. During this, the grandmother saw the granddaughter and her lover together. Fearing to reveal the secret, the granddaughter, along with her lover, killed the woman and made a concocted story and narrated it to the police.

The DSP said that at present the police have taken the youth and the minor into custody, while the post-mortem of the dead body has been handed over to the relatives.

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