Competition is necessary to enhance personality

Dialogue thread, Sahiya: On Wednesday, on behalf of the social organization Lok Panchayat, in the career counseling at Adarsh ​​Adarsh ​​Government Inter College, Sahiya, children were taught how to make their better future. Lok Panchayat member Srichand Sharma said that students should participate in sports along with education, so that physical and mental development can take place, as well as personality can be enhanced.

Lok Panchayat member Sharma said that it is necessary to set goals to move ahead in life. To set the ideal, one should study hard, accept the challenge and challenge. He said that most of the students studying in this school come from normal family. Parents earn money by hard work and send their children to study, so it is the responsibility of the students that every student should do the work of realizing the dreams of their parents. Shri Sharma said that aim high in life and struggle continuously to achieve it. Getting a government job should not be the goal of life, but should also move forward towards self-employment. Efforts should also be made that we become so capable that we can give employment to some on our own strength. On this occasion, Lok Panchayat member Sharma also mentioned the historical events from Ashoka inscription to Jaunsar-Bawar. In the program, Lok Panchayat member Bharat Chauhan said that Sahiya Government Inter College has its own glorious history. Many students studying from this school are holding important positions in governance and administration. He explained to the students that hard work and hard work is very necessary to move ahead in life. There is no shortcut to get success. SMR Degree College Chairman Anil Tomar said that after getting higher education, students should also pay special attention towards their career. In the program, Lok Panchayat member Pritam Singh Chauhan, School Principal Raghavendra Singh Verma, Pradeep Negi, Harish Prasad Gairola, Sanjay Thapliyal, Tripti Semwal, Anirudh Kumar, Rupesh Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Sanjay Thapliyal, Rekha Bhatt, Ramesh Rana, RS Chaurasia etc. were present.

Edited By: Jagran