Cheating is happening in a hi-tech way

New way to break into account
Such a fraud of 36 lakhs

Indore. Till now, online thugs used to withdraw money from the bank account by getting OTP, but now they have become even more hi-tech. The miscreants got the OTP by pretending to update the KYC to the professor of the government college. Through this, he transferred about 12 lakhs from his account and then after getting the OD limit from FD, took away 24 lakhs more.

One OTP, used 4 times

The OTP given by the female professor was used four times. The fraud was committed by taking advantage of the technical gap by taking knowledge of the working of the bank and the application. Police and experts have urged people not to share OTP under any circumstances. Big damage can happen.

Such a fraud of 36 lakhs

1. The miscreants took OTP on the pretext of updating KYC. Transferred Rs 12 lakh from account to other accounts through OTP.

2. Activate online banking of woman’s account with OTP.

3. Nationalized Bank Application also downloaded and used.

4. Four FDs of the female professor were also linked to the account. Using which, after getting the OD limit on 4 FDs from OTP, withdrew about 24 lakh rupees. Total fraud of 36 lakhs.