Cars laden with fruits on the road, feeling jammed | Cars laden with fruits on the road, feeling jam

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Cars laden with fruits parked in the station road of the city during the day.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Cars laden with fruits parked in the station road of the city during the day.

  • Due to Diwali and Chhath, there is an increased demand for fruits and other things, businessmen are ordering goods day and night

The traffic system in the city has completely collapsed due to the festival. The reason for this is the crowd of people in the city and the shops being set up on the streets. No action is being taken at these shops. The problem of jam in the station road of the city itself is serious. The reason is that there is a wholesale fruit market in Station Road. The shopkeepers of the fruit market do not order carts laden with fruits in the morning or at night. They order big vehicles during the day. Due to this, even after 9 o’clock in the morning, businessmen unload big vehicles on the side of the road. On Monday too, a dozen big vehicles were plying on both sides of the station road and the businessman was unloading fruits. Businessmen of rural areas were also loading fruits by parking many small vehicles there. This made the road completely narrow. This blocked the road.

Difficult to commute due to being a market: Traffic is being affected due to the fruit market. Here, due to non-deployment of traffic police on the station road, the problem of jam is getting more. Traffic in-charge Mr. Shahjahan Khan told that due to Panchayat elections some jawans have gone for election work. Hence there is a shortage of soldiers. Still, the place where the traffic jam is reported, the jam is ended by going there.

Passengers also have to face trouble
No arrangement has been made by the fruit traders to park the big vehicles. There is already traffic load in Station Road. Passengers also come to board the train from the station and get off the train and go home. Even then the road is crowded. While this road has also been made a bypass route by the district administration. Because of this also the traffic of big vehicles is more. In this condition, when two big trains are crossing in the station road, there is a traffic jam due to the vehicle already parked on the road. On Monday, there was a traffic jam on this road from morning till noon. Due to this, bike riders and pedestrians had to face a lot of difficulty. Still, no initiative is being taken by the city council to shift the fruit market from here to other places.

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