Career in Share Market: By making a career in the stock market, you can earn big, many job options. Career tips share market job opportunity stock broker

Career in Share Market: By making a career in the stock market, you can earn big, many job options

Want to make career in stock market? (symbolic picture)

Career in Share Market: If you are interested in the stock market, Stock Exchange, Stock Broker, Nifty and Sensex, then you will already be familiar with all these terms. Investing money in the stock market has become common these days, many people invest money in this stock market. But the stock market is not a child’s play, there should be a lot of information to invest in this market or you may also suffer loss. Share market can be a way to earn money but do you know that if you are interested in this field then you can also make your career.

A person who works between an investor and the stock market is called a stock broker. There are immense job opportunities in this field as well. The stock broker acts as a link between the stock exchange and the investor. Without a broker, it is difficult for any investor or investor to give the best performance in the stock market. A demat account is required to invest money in the stock market and without a broker you cannot open a demat account.

There are 2 types of stock brokers

Full service stock broker Full Service Stock Brokers provide services to their clients like stock advisory (which shares to buy and when to sell), margin money facility to buy stocks, trading facility on mobile phone and facility to invest in IPOs . The fee for this service is high. The customer service of full time stockbroker is considered very good.

Discount Stock Broker – The second is that discount brokers provide the facility to buy and sell shares by taking very low brokerage from their clients. Their fees are less. Discount stock brokers do not provide stock advisory and research facilities to their clients. From opening someone’s account, most of their work is done online.

Qualification required to become a stockbroker

You can do course to become a stockbroker. It is very important to have knowledge of stockbroker commerce, accountancy, economics, statistics or business administration. You can do graduation or post graduation in these subjects. NCFM Courses is an online certification program of the National Stock Exchange.

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What are the job prospects?

Equity Dealers, Equity Traders, Equity Advisors, Stock Advisors, Wealth Managers, Financial Analysts based on Educational Qualification and Experience Jobs can be found as investment advisor, security analyst and risk manager.

In this field, you have very good scope of job in Stock Exchange, Regulation Authority, Foreign Investment Firms, Investment Consultancy, Mutual Fund Company, Broker Firms, Insurance Agency, Bank and other Institutes as well. After making a career as a stockbroker, your annual salary can range from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 8 lakh.

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