Booking of more than 300 bikes, 160 washing machines and fifty LEDs, estimated business of 40 crores | Booking of more than 300 bikes, 160 washing machines and 50 LEDs, estimated turnover of 40 crores

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On the eve of Dhanteras, a crowd gathered at the utensils shop for shopping.  - Dainik Bhaskar

On the eve of Dhanteras, a crowd gathered at the utensils shop for shopping.

  • The market is well prepared, there is a lot of demand for colorful electric skirts
  • Old silver coin is available in the market for one thousand rupees and new coin is available in 700 rupees

The market is decorated for Dhanteras. Today, apart from electronics items, vehicles and utensils of brass, copper or steel are bought fiercely. On this day, almost everyone makes sure to buy brooms. Based on conversations with the city’s leading businessmen, it is estimated that a purchase of about 40 crores is expected on Dhanteras this year. Apart from bike showrooms, electronic showrooms, utensils shops have been decorated in the market. On the day of Dhanteras, many people have booked bikes and electronics items on Monday itself to take new items home. 300 bikes have been booked in 3 bike showrooms, 160 washing machines and 40 LED appliances in 02 electronics shops in the city. Due to the high price of gold, no one has booked the gold jewelery yet. Bullion Merchant Association secretary Anuranjan alias Lalan Thakur said that more silver coins are sold on Dhanteras. The old coin of real silver is available for 1 thousand and the new silver coin is 700 rupees. Told that people can buy jewelery at the rate of Rs 49,500 per ten grams of 22 carat gold and Rs 680 per ten grams of silver. The silver idol of Ganesh Lakshmi is available from 25 to 30 grams.

Maximum booking of Scooty in the showroom
Arvind Kumar, the proprietor of Shanti Sheroom, says that for Dhanteras, Hero Company’s stock of 350 bikes and scooty has been ordered. So far 150 bikes have been booked, of which 80 are scooties. Most of the booked vehicles include Scooty and Hero Passion and Glamor priced at Rs 90,000. 50 bikes of Honda company have also been booked in Autoscan showroom. Including 25 scooters. Booking of 125 bikes of TVS company has been done in Shivam Motors showroom.

washing machine is in high demand
Keshar Goyal, the proprietor of Hari Electronics, the largest showroom of electronics equipment, said that this time on Dhanteras, the demand for fully automatic washing machines is highest in the market. So far 60 automatic washing machines worth 20 to 40 thousand have been booked. Apart from this, 43-inch and 55-inch LED TVs have been booked by 35 people. Many people have got goods delivered to avoid the crowd on Dhanteras.

Today the special importance of worshiping Lakshmi, Dhanvantari and Kuber
Pandit Kaushal Kishore Pathak told that the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Dhanvantari and Dhankuber has special significance on Dhanteras i.e. Dhantrayodashi. In the evening, in the auspicious time, facing north and establishing Kuber and Dhanvantari, worship should be done according to the method. A lamp of ghee should be lit in front of both of them.

Worship auspicious time on Dhanteras at this time

Auspicious time for worship – from 6.18 to 8.14 in the evening

Gaudhali Muhurta – From 5.05 to 5.23 in the evening

Nishita Muhurta – Night from 11.16 to 12.07

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