Bhopal Crime News gang war swords firing between two groups in Chola Mandir area

Publish Date: | Thu, 18 Nov 2021 01:53 PM (IST)

Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). In the Chola Mandir police station area of ​​the capital, there is a war of supremacy between two groups for selling illegal drugs and cutting illegal colonies. Both the sides clashed with each other on Wednesday night over this matter. During this, swords, sticks, sticks went fiercely. People of one group also opened fire. Half a dozen people from both sides have been injured in this bloody conflict. One of them is in critical condition. After receiving the complaint, the police have registered a case against both the parties. As a precaution, police force has been deployed in the area.

Chhola Mandir police station in-charge Anil Maurya said that there are many criminal cases registered against Vicky Sardar son Kalu Sardar (32), who lives in the area. Many cases are also registered against Kuchbandiya, the enemy of the other side. Here people of Kuchbandiya community have been arrested many times for selling illegal liquor, ganja. Vicky Sardar is also involved in the illegal liquor business. Apart from this, both the factions keep coming face to face with each other to resolve the disputed land issues. Due to the campaign being run against drugs for the last one year, the business of selling illegal narcotics of both the parties has come to a standstill. Despite this, there is tension between the two sides to maintain dominance in the area.

Started beating by surrounding Vicky

According to the Chola Mandir police station, Vicky Sardar was returning to his house by car from somewhere around 11 pm on Wednesday night. During this, enemies Kuchbandiya, Dinesh, Surendra, Rahul stopped Vicky and started beating in the Kainchi Chola area. On coming to know about this, people from Vicky’s side also came to the spot and fierce fighting started between both the sides. During this, Vicky was seriously injured by a sword. On the other hand, Ajay Kuchbandia told the police that Vicky and his associates Lucky Sardar, Saurabh, Bunty etc. entered the house and attacked them with sharp weapons. During this, Vicky also fired. The police have started investigation by registering a case against both the parties under various sections.

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