Bangalore tech summit 2021: It’s amazing when Indians and Israelis come together..Balle Naftali Bennett

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett In his video message from Bangalore Tech Summit Hoping to visit India soon. During this he said that Amazing things happen whenever India and Israel come together. Few days back I met my friend PM Narendra Modi and we discussed many things about how we can take Israel-India relations to the next level.

Let us tell you that recently Naftali Bennett and PM Modi met at the COP26 climate summit where they told Modi that you are very popular in Israel, you join my party.

There itself in the message Naftali said that By collaborating in the field of technology, we can transform our unique partnership into a powerhouse of innovation. He has said that technology not only has the potential to help lives but also has the potential to save lives. If both the countries work together and put their minds, then there is infinite opportunity. Wonderful people can do wonderful things.

He further said that India is one of the largest countries of the world. It is one of the biggest economy and also a leader in digital sector. Israel is one of the top innovator countries in the world. Amazing things happen when India and Israel come together.