atul suri Nifty: Bull Market: Now IT companies can play a role in the rise of the stock market

New Delhi
IT Stocks: According to the movement of the stock market, it is important to identify those sectors whose companies can give great returns on your investment. Atul Suri, CEO, Marathon Trends Portfolio Management Services, says that according to the changing times, many sectors can prove to be great options for investors.

Along with this, the brightness of some sectors starts fading with the passage of time. In fact, in reaching the next stage of the stock market, by identifying these sectors, desired returns can be earned.

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40% return from a year ago

In terms of stock market trading, the month of September has been good, October is better and November has been a little weaker. Atul Suri says that there is no need to be disappointed with the move of the stock market. If we look at Nifty on a year-on-year basis, it is up by 40 per cent as compared to a year ago.

India at number three

Atul Suri says that he covers 25 global markets. India is the third best performing market among them. Stock markets like Saudi Arabia and Russia have performed better than India. One of the major reasons for this is that they are a major exporter of crude oil and its prices are increasing.

Tech companies are booming friends

On the listing of new-age tech companies in the stock market and the spectacular rise in their shares, Atul Suri said that in every bull market, there is a presence of a sector or a theme. In the year 2000, there was a great boom in the market due to themes like IT, in the year 2008, infrastructure. Now the stock market is betting on digital business. The only problem is that the business of digital companies is not showing profits. If the market starts falling, then the biggest impact can be seen on these companies which are not making profit in business.

Identify IT companies

Weakness is now being seen in the shares of the banking sector in the stock market. Atul Suri said that the banking sector stocks are underperforming as concerns have increased after the release of quarterly results. In comparison, the market has given returns of 15 to 20 percent so far. Atul Suri said that the time to come is now for the IT sector. Market focus is shifting from banking to IT sector. To earn profits, investors should bet on strong companies in the IT sector.

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