Ather Energy introduces public fast-chargers, Charging of EVs free till 2021

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Ather Energy Charging Station: Electric two-wheeler maker Ather Energy has announced the launch of its next generation electric vehicle public charging infrastructure, called Ather Grid 2.0. The new-gen fast charging infrastructure is equipped with a host of high-end features along with network over-the-air (OTA) update capability. Let us tell you, Ather has already started setting up the new fast charging network in Bengaluru and Chennai and soon the work will be started in other Indian cities as well.

The new generation public charging network will be able to provide faster charging than the company’s existing charging grid as well as fast bug fixing. The Ather Grid 2.0 charging network will also come with improved durability, which the company claims is designed to handle degradation, making it suitable for installation in areas exposed to extreme environmental conditions. In addition, its modular design will enable field serviceability of parts as well as remote diagnostics.

Available in 21 Indian cities

The company says that Grid 2.0 will be connected at all times thus providing real-time availability of all charging locations across cities. The company is eyeing the country’s largest electric vehicle public charging infrastructure, and over the years, Ather has established one of the largest fast charging networks for electric two-wheelers. The Ather Grid charging network is currently spread over 215 locations across 21 Indian cities.

Vehicles will be charged for free till December

The company had recently announced to open its EV chargers for all types of electric vehicles with free charging by 2021. Currently, the installation of this public fast-charging network has already started in Bangalore and Chennai, and will be available in all cities of India soon. Ather Energy aims to add 500 Ather Grid locations by the end of FY 2012, which will include all new installations of Ather Grid 2.0.