Anuvrat Samiti organized the program of ‘Life Science Day’ | Anuvrat Samiti organized the program of ‘Life Science Day’

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Sirsa.  Explaining the importance of life science.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Sirsa. Explaining the importance of life science.

  • Sadhvi told the importance of life science

Acharya Mahashraman’s disciple Sadhvi Manjuprabha organized the program of ‘Life Science Day’ under the aegis of Anuvrat Vishwa Bharati Society and Department of Life Sciences by Anuvrat Samiti, Sirsa. The program was started by the Mahila Mandal with the song of life science. The outgoing president of Anuvrat Samiti, Champa Lal Jain, managed the forum efficiently.

Describing the importance of life science, Sadhvi Manjuprabha said that life science is such an art, through which values ​​are created along with thoughts. Life science plays an important role in making children cultured. The vital element of life science is ‘sanskar sanskar’. Sanskars should be made in educational institutions also, life science subject should also be added to the school curriculum.

Giving special information about the science of life, Sadhvi Guruyasha said that there are seven main dimensions of life science. The science of life is the application of sophistication of temperament and habits. Life science is a stage of physical, mental, social and emotional development. Life science is an innovative dimension of the education world. The science of life is the cornerstone of world friendship and it is the resolution of the structure of the entire society and nation. Life science is the best way to live a healthy life.

The person who adopts these dimensions in his life. Not only will his life become healthy, along with it, a healthy society and a healthy nation will also be well constructed. Sadhvi Jayant Prabha while giving a presentation on the subject of life science said that life science is not the study of life, it is embroidery. This creates a spiritual and scientific personality. It is very important to include life science with modern education.

Due to which the growing problems of the nation will be automatically solved. To be successful in life is the Sanjeevani herb – the experiments of life science. Due to this, the power of self-control, decision power, memory power intensifies. In the program, former teacher Suman Dhingra gave her thoughts about life science.

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