Anupama Major Twist Vanraj will punish Baa for misbehaving with Babuji – Entertainment News India

These days tremendous drama is going on in the TV serial Anupama. Recently, after reaching Anupama’s house, Ba had insulted Babuji a lot. Since then Babuji has vowed not to enter Shah House again. Baa is not seeing anything at this time in front of her insistence, but Kavya is afraid of what will happen when Vanraj returns home? In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be shown that after Babuji, Mama will also decide to leave the Shah House.

Kavya will do this work

Before Vanraj returns home, Kavya will plan to bring Babuji back home. Kavya will explain to Baa that if this does not happen then there can be a lot of commotion in the house. After listening to Kavya, Baa will go to Anupama’s house to bring Babuji back. Baa will try her best that Babuji return home, but it will not happen. Babuji will close the door of the house at Ba’s mouth and refuse to go to Shah House.

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Vanraj will get Baa out of the house

As soon as he comes back home, Vanraj will get to know about everything. An angry Vanraj will vent his anger on Baa. Vanraj has considered only one person as the most till date and that is Babuji. In such a situation, whatever Baa has done to Babuji, that Vanraj will not tolerate at all. In the coming days, Vanraj will throw Baa out of the house. After this, Ba will go to Anupama and ask for help. In the coming days, more such banging twists are going to come in Anupama.

Sudhanshu to leave the show?

Sudhanshu Pandey has recently signed a web series based on political drama. In this series, Sudhanshu Pandey will be seen in the role of a young politician. After this news came out, people started speculating that Sudhanshu will now leave Anupama. As of now, no such thing has come to the fore from the actor and production house.