anil vij gave information from ambala said regional science center best north india big facility nchr | Anil Vij gave information from Ambala, said- Regional Science Center will be the best in North India, this will be a big facility

Vinod Lamba/Ambala: Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij said that the Aryabhatta Regional Science Center under construction in Ambala will be the best science center in North India where various aspects related to science will be displayed in a good manner. He told that a flight simulator will also be installed in the center through which people will be able to enjoy air travel without sitting in an airplane.

The Science Center will be most beneficial for the students, who will be able to get space science, mathematics and other interesting information in addition to live weather in the Science Gallery. On Monday, D Rama Shama, Director of the National Council of Science Museum from Delhi, Partha Das of Architecture from Kolkata, Scientific Engineer Vishal Gulia from Science and Technology Department Haryana, Ritesh Agarwal, XEN of PWD and a team of other officials inspected the spot. After the inspection, the officials also discussed with Home Minister Vij.

Home Minister Anil Vij said that Aryabhatta Science Center is being constructed at a cost of Rs 36 crore on 5 acres of land on GT Road. The Science Center will be the largest and unique regional science center of its kind. In the three-storey science center, students will be given interesting and other information in a modern way, which will increase their interest in science. Apart from children, the Science Center will also have various information for other classes.

He said that this would be such a science center in which live weather would be displayed on the screen and other information would also be shown in a virtual way. Efforts are being made to complete the construction work of the center soon. He told that the people of Ambala will get the maximum benefit from the establishment of the center. The Science Center will also attract tourists towards itself. Apart from Haryana, people from different states will be able to see it because this science center will be of different type in the whole of North India.

Science Center will be completed in two phases: D Rama Shama

After the inspection, D Rama Shama, director of the National Council of Science Museum from Delhi, told that a plan has been made to complete its construction work in two phases. In the first phase, the construction work of ground and first floor will be completed. He told that after the completion of this construction, the equipment installed in the Science Center will be installed.

By doing this, the center can be made operational on two floors for the people. In the second phase, the construction work of second floor and third floor will be completed. The center will have ground and three floors. He told that the science center being built in Ambala will be a modern center. Its level will be higher than that of the Regional Science Center. This level of science center in North India will be only in Ambala.


These facilities will be on different floors

ground floor: The ground floor of the Science Center will have a digital adventure gallery, exhibition hall, conference hall, auditorium (132 seats), two lifts, toilets, project head room, flight simulators, exhibition development, etc.

1st Floor: There will be fun science gallery, planetarium, science lecture, VR theatre, 270 degree projection hall, electrical room, toilet, handicap toilet office, innovation hub.

2nd Floor: There will be Science of Sports Gallery, Horticulture Technology, Agriculture Technology, Nano Technology, Electrical Room and Office.

3rd Floor: Defense technology gallery, digital presentation of Himalayan valleys, open space to view the sky, biotechnology gallery and other items will be on display.