Agra Police Solved Murder Case Of Taj Ganj Crime News

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Published by: Abhishek Saxena
Updated Thu, 18 Nov 2021 07:35 PM IST


A dead body was found in Agra on 20 July. The youth’s bike was found in Sikandra police station area. The police added all the links and revealed the murder.

Agra: Hetram accused of murder

Agra: Hetram accused of murder
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Mausin, a scrap buyer, a resident of Tajganj, was murdered over a dispute of one lakh rupees. The police disclosed the murder on Thursday. One of the accused Hetram was arrested and sent to jail. While the other accused Vijay Pandit is absconding. Police is raiding in search of him.

Mauseen and Aamir, two sons of a lawyer, resident of Jalalabad, Muradnagar police station in Ghaziabad, lived in Pakki Sarai. Both used to buy junk by hawking. Mausin went missing on 16 July. Aamir informs his father about Mausin’s disappearance. Along with Mausin, Vijay, Dilip Baghel and Hetram used to work as junkyards. All three had called Mausin to get the iron scrap. He went by bike. On July 20, his body was found behind Uday Palace Marriage Home in Patholi. The dead body was thrown after killing him. The three accused were suspected of murder. The police investigated the incident by registering a case in Vistava.

Friendship of both happened in jail

Inspector Omhari Bajpai, in-charge of police station Tajganj, said that the named accused Dileep was taken into custody and interrogated. Got important information from him. It was confirmed that he was not involved in the incident. On Thursday, the police arrested Hetram, a resident of village Gadhmukha, Kagarol. During the interrogation of the police, it was found that he and Vijay Pandit, a resident of Kailash More, Sikandra, are friends. Vijay was earlier jailed for murder, while Hetram was jailed for theft. The two became friends in prison. After coming out on bail, both of them started doing junk work. That’s when I met Mausin.

The bike of the deceased was found in Sikandra

According to the police, Hetram told during interrogation that Mausin had borrowed Rs 1 lakh from Vijay Pandit six months before the incident. Even after trying hard, he was not returning the money. On this both of them called Mauseen near Uday Palace Marriage Home in Patholi. During a dispute over money, he was strangled to death in anger. The dead body was thrown. Left the bike in Sikandra area. The bike was found unclaimed by the police station Sikandra. Police is now looking for Vijay. He is living in Khandauli area.

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