After phones OnePlus is planning to make electric cycles and scooters in india

New Delhi, Auto Desk. One Plus Cars: The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution has opened doors for industries across the world. The most recent example is the smartphone brand Realme, which has trademarked the automotive segment in India. Following in the footsteps of Realme, another Chinese giant is planning to enter the automotive industry. Notably, OnePlus, one of the most popular premium smartphone brands across the globe, has filed a trademark in the automotive category in India.

The media had earlier dismissed it as a joke

Interestingly, the parent company of both the Chinese brand Realme and OnePlus is BBK, the company said in a statement, adding that OnePlus is looking to dive into the automotive world and has been doing research in this area for a long time. You will remember that in 2019, the company released the teaser of an electric supercar named Warp Car on its website. Which was also shared on April 1, although the media dismissed it as a prank by the company. But at the moment it wasn’t a joke, and OnePlus is actually preparing a car.

Control will be done using OnePlus 6T phone

The company says that the electric car can be driven using the swipe gesture used on the OnePlus smartphone. The gestures are quite simple, including swipe left to turn left, swipe right to turn right, swipe up to move forward, and swipe down to reverse. The Warp Car that the company introduced earlier is integrated with 6T-K technology, which could mean that anyone can operate and control the vehicle using the OnePlus 6T phone.

The powertrain specs of the car have not been disclosed at the moment, but it is believed, the OnePlus will come with a stellar 0-60mph performance in just 3.0 seconds. It also claims an impressive range of 290 miles (about 467 km) on a single charge. In addition, the car can be driven for about 270 miles (approximately 435 km) on a charge for 20 minutes.