Adrak Ki Barfi Recipe In Hindi Winter Special Recipes Ginger Barfi

Ginger Barfi – Photo : Istock

The use of ginger increases during the winter season. Actually ginger has medicinal properties which are beneficial for health. During the winter season, people often get sick with cold and cough. To overcome this, people use ginger in home remedies. Antioxidants are present in ginger which protect us from many diseases in winter. Apart from these, ginger also reduces the level of bad cholesterol. In such a situation, eat ginger in winter. However, ginger has a bitter taste. It is difficult to eat it raw. In such a situation, make such a recipe of ginger during winters, besides being beneficial for health, it is also delicious to eat. Today we are going to tell you the recipe of making winter special dish Ginger Barfi. Children will also eat with such taste in case of cough and cold. Here is the recipe of Ginger Barfi.

Ginger Barfi – Photo : Pixabay

Ingredients for Ginger Barfi

200 grams of ginger, one and a half cups of sugar, two tablespoons of ghee, one cup of milk and green cardamom.

Ginger Barfi – Photo : pixabay

How to make Ginger Barfi

Step 1- First of all, wash and peel the ginger and chop it coarsely.

Step 2- Put the chopped ginger in the mixer jar and add a cup of milk or water.

Step 3- Now grind the ginger finely. Keep in mind that only fibrous ginger should be used.

Ginger Barfi – Photo : Istock

Step 4- Then heat the pan on medium flame by adding one spoon of ghee.

Step 5- When the ghee becomes hot, add powdered ginger paste to it.

Step 6- Keep stirring the paste. In about 5 minutes the ginger paste will start to thicken.

Step 7- When the paste starts thickening, add one and a half cup of sugar. Keep stirring the ginger paste again.

Ginger Barfi – Photo : Istock

Step 8- If sugar melts well and mixes in ginger, grind green cardamom and mix it.

Step 9- After cooking for two minutes, turn off the gas when the ginger paste becomes thick.

Step 10- Put butter paper in a plate and grease it with light ghee. Spread ginger paste on it.

Step 11- Spread the ginger mixture evenly in the plate and cut it into pieces with the help of a knife.

Step 12- Let it cool for 10 minutes. Then separate the pieces of barfi.

Your ginger barfi is ready. Store it in an airtight container and use it for a month.