According To Vastu Shastra By Keeping These Thing In Your House Never Face Money Shortage Financial Benefit Vastu Tips

People struggling with financial constraints should plant a Tulsi plant in their house. Goddess Lakshmi is pleased by worshiping it daily by law.

According to Vastu Shastra, everything has an energy, which has a positive and negative effect on the life of a human being. If an object is placed in its right direction, then it gives positive results, if the same object is placed in the wrong direction then it can have a bad effect on the life of the person. In Vastu Shastra, the direction of the house and the objects placed in the house is calculated. Every person wants that his house should be full of money and grains, for this people also work hard day and night.

However, many times it happens that money is not able to survive in the house and people have to face financial crisis. To avoid financial problems, some measures have been given in Vastu Shastra, by adopting which not only can there be an increase in wealth and food, but there is also the abode of happiness and prosperity in the house.

Tulsi plant: Tulsi has been given the status of ‘mother’ in Hinduism. Tulsi is used in worship. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for health. According to Vastu Shastra People struggling with financial constraints should plant a Tulsi plant in their house. Maa Lakshmi is pleased with you by worshiping it regularly.

clay pitcher: To get rid of financial crisis, keep an earthen pot filled with water in the north direction of the house. There is no shortage of money. Also, keep in mind that this pitcher should never be empty.

Metal Tortoise: According to Vastu Shastra Keeping a tortoise in the house is considered very auspicious. Keeping a metal tortoise in the north direction of the house increases wealth and grain. However, keep in mind that the mustache of the turtle should be towards the inside of the house.

crystal ball: Keeping a crystal ball on the door or window of the house is considered auspicious. According to Vastu Shastra, by adopting this remedy, there is an increase in wealth in the house. Apart from this, keeping an elephant statue in the house is also considered auspicious.