4 WWE Superstars Against whom Goldberg should have the last match of his career

Everyone will be familiar with the name of WWE legend Goldberg. This superstar has made a huge name in the professional wrestling world. Goldberg is currently a part of WWE and he is working as a part-timer. He started his career working in WCW and after that he got tremendous success. Goldberg performed in a similar fashion after coming to WWE.

He defeated many legends and won world titles. He decided to leave WWE in 2004 for some reason. After this, he stayed away from professional wrestling for years, but in 2016 he once again returned to WWE and since then he has been seen continuously. Goldberg has won championships since his comeback and defeated some big names. He is 54 years old now.

Despite being so old, he is still wrestling and that is a very good thing. However, he may retire in a few years. There are many superstars in WWE right now who can retire Goldberg. That’s why in this article we are going to talk about 4 superstars who can make Goldberg retire from professional wrestling.

4- WWE Superstar Riddle

Riddle is doing a great job at the moment and has the Raw Tag Team Championship. The main roster run has not been bad for this superstar and he can do better going forward. Riddle has targeted Goldberg several times in interviews and expressed his desire to fight matches with him.

There is a rift between the two in real life, but now their relationship has become better than before. That’s why everyone would love to see Riddle and Goldberg face to face. Riddle is new to WWE at the moment and will benefit in the future if he retires Goldberg. That’s why Riddle should get a chance.

Edited by Ujjaval Palanpure