100 years ago Bentley sold his first car, racing enthusiast Noel Bain Ralte paid this amount to buy it. First ever Bentley sold in 1921 to Noel van Raalte 100 years ago by Bentley Motors

100 years ago Bentley sold his first car, racing enthusiast Noel Bain Ralte paid this amount to buy

Bentley’s first car

Bentley Motors is celebrating 100 years of sales of its first customer car. The company sold its first car in 1921 to racing enthusiast Noel van Raalte. The three-litre model, registered as the KS 1661, was purchased for £1,150. Highlights of this car were aluminum coachwork and brass brightwork. This car was introduced by the company’s founder WO Bentley.

Over 200,000 units of the car have been sold by Bentley in the company’s 102-year history and it is the most popular car in the history of the car. Of these, 97 percent of the units were manufactured in the company’s city of Kriu. In 1946, the company was transferred to the Crewe production line. Van Ralte was the first customer to buy a Bentley. But he was not the first to take delivery. Bentley delivered its first car to Ivor Llewellyn in August 1921.

Cars with more capacity made after three liter car

Ivor Llewellyn had ordered three of the three-litre models. The unit given to him was Bentley’s third production chassis and is still the oldest existing production Bentley in the world. After the three-litre became popular for Bentley, the carmaker produced six-and-a-half, four-and-a-half, eight and then four-litre units. These were some of the most iconic cars produced by the company in the period before the Second World War.

When made the fastest four seater car

After the war, Bentley produced other popular models, including the R-Type Continental, which was first introduced in 1952. It became the fastest four-seater car in the world. This car was equipped with the ability to achieve a top speed of 120 mph. This was followed by the Bentley T-Series car in the 1960s and then the Mulsanne and Turbo R were introduced.

Bentley to make a battery-powered car

Subsequently, in 1998, the Volkswagen Group bought a stake in the company with a major investment plan. Under the new leadership, models like the Continental GT, the all-new Mulsanne and the Bentayga were launched. The new Flying Spur was introduced in 2019, followed by the open-air buckler in 2020. Now, the company is looking towards a greener future with plans to have only battery-powered vehicles across its range by 2030.

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