Digital Loan Mobile Apps: Now all digital loan giving illegal apps will come under the purview of the law, RBI has prepared this plan

Digital Loan Mobile Apps: With the growth of digital transactions, many such mobile apps have come which are giving you loan at their level. Let us tell you that financial trading of these mobile apps is completely illegal. At the same time, the country’s top bank i.e. Reserve Bank of India is now working on … Read more

RBI working group on Digital Loan mobile Apps regulating digital loan apps SSND

Digital Loan Mobile Apps: With the increase in digital transactions, many such mobile apps have come which are giving loans at their level. The financial trading of these mobile apps is completely illegal. The country’s top bank Reserve Bank of India is now working on bringing them under the purview of the law. A working … Read more

Digital Lending Mobile Apps Will Be Tightened Rbi Panel Made This Big Recommendation In Its Report – Rbi On Digital Loan App

Business Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Deepak Chaturvedi Updated Fri, 19 Nov 2021 10:46 AM IST Summary RBI On Digital Loan App: Now the mobile apps giving digital loans will be tightened. In this regard, the working group constituted by the Reserve Bank of India has submitted its report. hear the news hear … Read more

Forgot To Carry Your Driving License Or RC? This Apps Can Help You Avoid Challans

mParivahan App : By the way, while driving a vehicle, one should leave the house with necessary documents like driving license and RC. Still, sometimes we do not carry both the documents along with us due to the fear of losing it in a hurry. If a policeman is found on the way, then there … Read more

Whatsapp is bringing new apps for Windows users, the whole design will change like this! Know everything about it… RIG24

New Delhi. Whatsapp is reportedly developing some new apps for macOS and Windows users. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp features tracker, citing Italian blog Agiornamenti Lumia, WhatsApp is developing new apps for Windows users. It is said to be a Universal Windows Platform based app which has been developed since inception. The app … Read more

Children have to be taught Money Management, so these Apps and Cards can be of great use. want Children to be taught money management so these apps and cards can be very useful

fampe This app provides a numberless card, which is known as FamCard. It offers cashless facility to children. It is a debit card which can be used by minors to make online (UPI and peer2peer) and offline payments without having a bank account. There is no number on the card, so there is no fear … Read more

Attention! Delete these 37 Android apps from your smartphone instantly. Attention delete these 37 apps from your phone asap otherwise your phone can get hacked

Alert Google recently removed 164 mobile apps from the Play Store. These apps have been downloaded more than one crore times. The company has described these apps as CopyCatz apps which are copies of other apps and users have to see advertisements after downloads. These apps are malicious and can damage the data present in … Read more

Attention Android users! Remove these 8 apps from your smartphone immediately, otherwise there will be a big loss

Android smartphone user alert! If you use Android smartphone, then there is news of work for you. Recently, information about malware (virus) has come in some apps. These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. Viruses can give you a big blow through these apps. Recently, some apps were removed from Google Play … Read more

Instant Loan: Before taking an instant loan, check the app like this:

While applying on instant loan platforms, only basic information like KYC documents, income slips are asked from the borrower. Applicants get instant loan amount based on their eligibility criteria. From the point of view of the loan seeker, the speed with which the loan amount is disbursed may seem commendable. But some people may find … Read more

18 november 2021 amazon quiz answer all the questions to win rs 40000 amazon pay balance nodvkj

Amazon App Quiz November 18, 2021. E-commerce platform Amazon brings a daily quiz for its users, in which you can win big prize money by answering the questions asked. This quiz is only available on Amazon App and for this you need to download Amazon App on your phone. Even today this quiz has started … Read more

Google for India 2021 | google apps | technology | Google for India 2021 event aaj | google and jio ki sajhedari | jio | Google for India 2021: Google event today, big announcements expected, know what will be special

Google for India 2021: Google for India 2021 (Google for India 2021) event is going to happen today. Like last year, this year also the 7th edition of this event will be live streamed. It is being told that in the event, Google can introduce new features and services included in its portfolio. At the … Read more

PhoneSpy Malware Attack infecting 23 Android apps so far here what you need to do | Smartphone users beware! These 23 apps are doing your pranks, do this work immediately

New Delhi. Malware attacks are on the rise. This year many users have been affected by this attack. In a new episode of Android malware attacks, a spyware called PhoneSpy has been found to infect devices in Korean markets across the US. This malware has been found to infect 23 Android apps, but thankfully, none … Read more

These 9 Apps Were Stealing Your Important Data! Google removed apps from Play Store

Google has removed nine apps from its Play Store after researchers showed they secretly stole users’ Facebook log-in credentials. Apps were hidden under names that sounded like useful everyday tools and apps. These include Rubbish Cleaner and Horoscope Daily. According to a report, these malicious apps had around 5.9 million combined downloads on the Google … Read more

Know the top 10 apps which are very good for farming

Agriculture Apps India is an agricultural country. A large number of crops are cultivated in India. In the changing ways of farming, the Government of India is constantly making efforts in every matter of the farmers. The government is making all efforts to promote more and more advanced farming with the help of technology. Under … Read more

Tips to get rid of app crash issue: If you are Mi and Redmi smartphone user then change this setting of phone immediately, otherwise you will have to face trouble – how to get rid of google app crash issue in mi redmi android smartphones know step by step process

Highlights Google Apps keeps crashing use these methods This method works for all Android devices Vedanta Kumar, New Delhi. Do you use Android smartphones from other companies including Xiaomi-Redmi? Does your phone also frequently crash Google apps? If you are troubled by these, then we have brought a solution to this problem for you. Sometimes, … Read more

Malware attack on Android Smartphone by hackers: Alert! Users’ data in danger, 23 Android apps hit by PhoneSpy spyware – malware attack phonespy affected 23 android apps hackers attack your personal data

New Delhi. If you are an Android user, then we are going to tell you a news that will surprise you. By the way, it is obvious that there is always a threat of malware or spyware on Android users, due to which users can fall prey to any hackers at any time. By the … Read more

WhatsApp working on new apps for Windows, macOS Know Everything About It | Whatsapp is bringing new apps for Windows users, know everything about it

New Delhi. Whatsapp is reportedly developing some new apps for macOS and Windows users. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp features tracker, citing Italian blog Agiornamenti Lumia, WhatsApp is developing new apps for Windows users. It is said to be a Universal Windows Platform based app which has been developed since inception. The app … Read more

Android Users Alert! Uninstall These 9 Apps With Joker Malware, 7 App Is Smartphone App, While 2 App Is Smart Tv App, Google Banned These App From Play Store

Malware Alert: If you use Android phone then this news is of your use and you should pay attention to everything mentioned in it. Actually, even after all the strictness of Google, hackers somehow make a place in the Play Store and then steal data from people’s phones. Google has banned 9 such Android apps … Read more

WhatsApp working on new apps for Windows and macOS says Report, Now you can run WhatsApp on desktop without Phone; Here are full details

WhatsApp Desktop App This will be a Universal Window platform based app. Let us tell you that WhatsApp has been working on a desktop app for Windows for a long time, which has been launched in beta version which is available for download on Microsoft Windows App Store. SAN FRANCISCO, INS. WhatsApp Desktop App: A … Read more

IMPORTANT & Useful Government Mobile App For Every Indian In India Including Aarogya Setu My Gov And Many More Full List Here

New Delhi, Tech Desk. The Government of India has launched a large number of mobile apps under the Digital India campaign, which are of great use to all the people at this time. The main objective of these mobile apps is to make the country digitally empowered. Today we will tell you about some selected … Read more

know about 5 alcohol delivery apps Service You Can Use to Buy Alcohol in India

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, once again lockdown has been imposed in many states in India. Due to which people are finding it difficult to buy liquor. To eliminate this problem of the people, many apps are being made through which alcohol can be sold. In view of the high demand for alcohol … Read more

Cryptocurrency App In India For Trading Zebpay Wazirx Unocoin Coinswitch Kuber Coindcx Bitbns

Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps: Nowadays, there is a lot of enthusiasm about cryptocurrency in India. Investors are becoming millionaires by investing money in it. There is a bumper earning through cryptocurrencies. In such a situation, if you are also planning to invest money in it, then now you can do this work easily. Nowadays there are … Read more

Alert 23 Android apps found with PhoneSpy spyware to steal users data and money reports Zimperium

New Delhi, Tech Desk| The incidents of online scamming and hacking are increasing rapidly these days. Cyber ​​security experts say that the reason for the rise of online scams is the corona epidemic. Experts suggest that the pandemic has prompted people around the world to spend more time on the Internet. Since the pandemic, people … Read more

Whatsapp Developing New Apps For Windows, Macos – Update: WhatsApp will change on the desktop, work is going on on the new app for Windows and MacOS

News Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Jeet Kumar Updated Wed, 17 Nov 2021 12:40 AM IST Summary The popular messaging application WhatsApp is also available on computers, but it is essentially a mobile app, which is being further optimized for desktop. hear the news hear the news WhatsApp is one of the most … Read more

Google new update allow Android TV users to download Play store apps from their smartphones Know How

New Delhi, Tech Desk| Google is reportedly working on a feature to download Play Store apps from smartphones to Android TV sets. This capability is rolling out as a server-side update and not all users can see it right away. However, many users are now reporting getting this new ability to install apps on their … Read more

How to Hide Apps in iPhone, here is the best way- Hindi Gizbot

, Published: Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 17:30 [IST] Apple provides many personalization features to its users and also allows them to manage apps on iPhone. However, iPhones also have a feature that allows you to hide your installed applications. This is because it cannot be accessed by others. So we have told the complete process … Read more

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android and Ios Smartphones : Create stunning photos on your Android phone or iPhone with these Photo Editing Apps

Highlights These apps are considered best for photo editing Can be used easily on mobile Some apps are useful for photo as well as video editing. New Delhi.It is said that now the whole world is shrinking in your mobile, where with the help of this device you can get information from all over the … Read more

In this way uninstall unnecessary apps from Smartphone battery and phone life will increase

Publish Date: | Sat, 24 Jul 2021 03:32 PM (IST) In today’s time Smartphone is used by every small and big person. Now it has become a part of human life. With the help of this, we can do many things sitting at home like shopping, bill-pay, ticket, bank related work etc., we can easily … Read more

Truecaller Launches Guardians Apps For Personal Safety That Allows Location Sharing With Specific Contacts

Truecaller Guardians – Photo : Truecaller has launched a new app giving a big gift to its customers. Truecaller has named this new app as Guardians. Truecaller Guardians app has been launched for personal safety. Through this app, you can keep an eye on your loved ones and take care of them. This app … Read more

Tata Sky launched Binge App, now the fun of OTT apps will be available in mobile too, you will have to pay such a low price! – Tata sky binge app launched now the fun of ott apps will be available in mobile know the price of plans

Tata Sky has launched the Tata Sky Binge App, announcing a great gift for its users. That is, now with the help of this app, users will be able to enjoy movies and shows through the OTT platform on their phones. The good thing is that this app has been introduced for both Android and … Read more

Mobile Not Found How To Load Nutrition Tracker App – Mobile Not Found How To Load Nutrition Tracker App

hear the news hear the news Anganwadi workers working in Child Development and Nutrition Department are now feeling themselves uncomfortable in loading the nutrition tracker app on behalf of the department. The workers say that most of the workers were not given phones by the department. Whatever you have got is spoiled. On Monday, workers … Read more

Fake Paytm App: Paytm App Users Beware! If you have not even downloaded it, you may have to go to jail – fake paytm app spoof paytm duplicate app is fake delete it right away may send you to jail

Highlights This app of Paytm is dangerous you didn’t even download delete immediately New Delhi. Fake Paytm App: In today’s time, almost every work of ours has been made easy by online payment. In the current times, it is no longer necessary that you have money in your pocket to buy anything. You can buy … Read more

Android users alert Google has banned 7 apps from Play Store remove these app Urgent can steal your personal data – Tech news hindi

If you download any app without thinking or click on any link boldly, then you may also be on the radar of hackers. We are saying this because Google has banned seven apps from the Play Store after they were found to be malware. However, some users are still using them bidas. If you are … Read more

Fish farmers will get good benefits from E-Fish Market App, know how?

E- Fish Market App Nowadays, in the midst of rising inflation, the farmers who do animal husbandry have suffered a lot, so many schemes are being run by the government to promote animal husbandry. In this episode, there is a good news for the fishermen farmers. Let us inform that the Fishwale App has been … Read more

Cryptocurrency exchange app: New way to invest, these are the best cryptocurrency exchange apps in India

Highlights Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App in India Very easy how to use them can be easily downloaded New Delhi. In today’s time, the name of cryptocurrency is on everyone’s mouth. The major reason for this could be due to the huge jump in the price of digital currency and many advertisements. But you know how … Read more

Google bans 2 smart TV apps with Joker malware from Play Store

New Delhi. Google Play Store has removed two dangerous apps from its platform. One of these apps is such, which people often keep searching on the Play Store. Actually, the two apps that the company has removed are Smart TV remote and Halloween Coloring. Kaspersky’s security analyst Tatyana Shishkova has revealed the names of these … Read more

Google banned popular Smart TV app you can also delete it immediately it may seem like a scam – Tech news hindi

Google Play Store has recently banned two dangerous apps from its platform. One of these apps is such, which people often keep searching on the Play Store. Actually, the two apps that the company has removed are Smart TV remote and Halloween Coloring. Kaspersky’s security analyst Tatyana Shishkova revealed the names of these two apps … Read more

India Top Country in World in Use of Mobile Apps India will be launch indigenous app store to compete with Google and Apple

New Delhi, Tech Desk. India has become the top country in the world in terms of mobile app usage. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad gave this information to the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. He said that the government is encouraging Indian app makers under the Digital India programme. This initiative of the government has accelerated … Read more

Profit Deal: Earn money by watching videos or downloading apps, know 10 such ways. online earning Earn money by watching videos or downloading apps know 10 such ways

Visit PTC Sites You can make money online by visiting paid-to-click (PTC) websites (like Neobux, BuxP etc.) and clicking on ads. These sites will offer monetary rewards on providing references. watch videos You can earn money by just watching short videos as per your convenience. You can visit research firm Nielsen’s site to watch videos … Read more

2.90 Lakh Recovered In Fraud Case Of 3.19 Lakh By Getting App Downloaded

hear the news hear the news Hisar. In the case of cheating Rs 3 lakh 19 thousand by downloading the Any Desk app in mobile phone, the police recovered Rs 2 lakh 90 thousand from the accused. The accused Mohammad Nizam Ansari, a resident of Deogarh in Jharkhand, was produced by the police in the … Read more

7800 Applications For Employment, Now Waiting For Offer Letter

hear the news hear the news Noida. 7800 youth have applied for employment in industrial units of Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority area. Now they are waiting for the offer letter. The two-day employment fair ended on Sunday at Shilp Haat, Sector-33A, Noida. A huge crowd of youths gathered on the … Read more

Google Removed 100 Fake Instant Loan Apps In India: Government – Big action by Google, these 100 apps removed from Play Store

New Delhi. Google has so far removed about 100 instant loan apps from its Play Store in India. Google has removed 100 loan-related apps from the Play Store for not following the rules. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology gave this information on Monday. This action has been taken after receiving several complaints regarding … Read more

APPS KA BAAP is launching on 18th March | APPS KA BAAP will be launched on March 18, will be beneficial for everyone

Photo:FILE PHOTO APPS KA BAAP is launching on 18th March New Delhi. We love our phones and even more so the social apps that have become an integral part of our daily lives. In simple words, for every app, we have to do the same complex task every time. Imagine what would happen if all … Read more

how india can beat china: App Bans Not Enough To Counter China? How India Can Downsize Rising CCP Threat In Asia – ‘App Ban, Blacklisting Companies Isn’t Enough…

New DelhiIn the year 1962, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) suddenly started a war to ‘teach India a lesson’. Now slowly his efforts to encroach on the border areas are adding to the tension. Geo-strategist Brahm Chelani feels that China is determined to make India its firm enemy. From ‘chicken-neck’ to realizing its reach in … Read more

Android apps crashing for some users, Google working on a fix: Popular apps crashing in Android smartphones, users complain

Highlights samsung smartphone app crash problem There may be error in the Android system webview Problems with Google Pixel and Motorola phones New DelhiUsers of some other companies, including Samsung, have complained that the apps on their smartphones are crashing. Users have complained about the crashing of the apps on Reddit. According to preliminary information, … Read more

Before downloading the app, check whether it is real or fake, just follow these tips – How to identify fake or original app on google play store here is simple tips

Smartphones are used more for gaming and watching videos today than for calling and messaging. Even among users, smartphones are also used a lot for online shopping. In such a situation, you must be using many apps and Google Play Store is such a platform where you will find many apps according to your need … Read more