Internet started in the city, CP said ‘be careful’

Police will take immediate action if mischief happens Amravati/D.19 – After about a week of net closure, finally the internet service was restored once again in Amravati city at 3 pm on Friday, 19 November. Along with this, the city police commissioner Dr. Aarti Singh has appealed to the people of all communities living in … Read more

Internet Service Will Be Closed In Rajasthan Bikaner On 23rd And 24th October

Internet facility will be banned in Rajasthan’s Bikaner on 23rd and 24th October from 6 am to 6 pm. There will be complete ban on internet on 23rd and 24th October in view of Rajasthan Patwari Recruitment Exam. Bikaner Divisional Commissioner BL Mehra has issued an order in this regard. According to his order, ‘There … Read more

How To Make Upi Payment Without Internet With Ussd Code Know Full Steps

Tech Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Pradeep Pandey Updated Mon, 13 Sep 2021 06:59 PM IST Summary *99# The purpose of launching USSD was to make digital payments available to feature phone users. Now *99# USSD code is available for all telecom companies. hear the news hear the news Nowadays a news is … Read more

Janhvi Kapoor heats up the internet in all black look see glamorous photos

Hindi News Photo EntertainmentJanhvi Kapoor heats up the internet in all black look, see glamorous photos Fri, 19 Nov 2021 10:46 AM 1/6Janhvi Kapoor, who has made a special identity in Bollywood today, is seen giving treats to the fans on Instagram by uploading her latest photos. Once again Janhvi has rocked social media by … Read more

Earn Money Online by Smartphone: Earn thousands every hour! All you need is a cheap smartphone and internet connection – earn in thousands every hour by using ordinary smartphone and internet connection

Highlights Earning can be done with the help of smartphone Just need an internet connection Convenience to work when you have time New Delhi. If you live in India and your expenses are constantly increasing due to which you are worried, then you do not need to do this. Actually, there are many such apps … Read more

Video viral of MBBS doctor eating cow dung counting benefits of in front of camera jagran special

Karnal, Jnn. Cow is considered sacred. In ancient times, considering cow urine and cow dung as sacred, it has been used for everything from medicines to the purity of homes. It has also been said that many diseases can be avoided by drinking cow urine. Now a shocking video has surfaced. In this, many benefits … Read more

Google Classroom Now Works Offline: You will be able to submit school-college assignments sitting at home without internet, Google brought Classroom Offline – google announced classroom offline for students without internet facility

Highlights google brought class offline can run without internet Help in completing assignments New Delhi.Google Classroom Offline: From time to time, Google keeps on making some important announcements for its users. This time also Google has brought great news for its users. Google has announced Google Classes Offline on Thursday. With the help of which … Read more

Internet service started for media

* Guardian Minister Yashomati Thakur had a dialogue with the Home Minister and the Police Commissioner amravati/d.18- Due to the complete shutdown of internet service in the city, the work of the media has been affected in a big way. In such a situation, representatives of local media, including office bearers of District Marathi Journalists … Read more

Viral Video of 10 year old gully boy giving life philosophy internet gone crazy pratp – Viral : 10 year old Gully Boy

Sometimes you don’t feel well in life. You will need a person who can motivate you and can explain the philosophy of life in easy language. In such a situation, you are in dire need of taking a 10-year-old boy ‘Chatpat ka gyan’. Believe me you will become a fan of this kid. The way … Read more

Internet of Things will change the direction and condition of cities: Prof. dahiya

Jagran Correspondent, Sonipat : IQAC and RUSA Director of Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (DCRUST), Murthal, Prof. Pawan Dahiya said that Internet of Things will change the condition and direction of cities. After the arrival of 5G, the utility of Internet of Things will increase more. The Internet of Things will play … Read more

Highcourt News Bilaspur Central Board of Film Certification said we do not have control over internet media and OTT platform

Bilaspur.Highcourt News Bilaspur: The Central Board of Film Certification, through its counsel, submitted its reply in the Chhattisgarh High Court saying that they have no control over the Internet media and OTT platforms. Therefore, it is beyond their jurisdiction to ban such advertisements. Chattisgarh Chamber of Commerce President and prominent social worker Ram Avtar Aggarwal, … Read more

Internet Ban Is Not The Solution To The Problem

In recent days, the internet was also shut down in the ongoing protests against agricultural laws. At the same time, the internet was also closed on the day of all kinds of recruitment examinations in Rajasthan. According to digital rights organizations, internet shutdown is a kind of human rights violation. Shutting down the internet is … Read more

India Vs New Zealand T20 Match; Reliance Jio Airtel 3GB Internet Data Packages, Check Details | Choose 3GB data pack to watch nonstop competition on the phone, Hotstar subscription free

Hindi News tech auto India Vs New Zealand T20 Match; Reliance Jio Airtel 3GB Internet Data Packages, Check Details New Delhi18 hours ago copy link The T20 series between Team India and New Zealand is going to start from today. Sometimes you are not able to enjoy the whole match due to less data. On … Read more

Karthik Aaryan is eating street food from the bonnet of his Lamborghini Urus, leaving the internet divided

Lamborghini Urus has been one of the most successful products from Lamborghini in India. In a very short span of time, SSUV (Super Sports Utility Vehicle) made a place in the garages of many film personalities. Actor Karthik Aaryan who is known for his roles in several Bollywood films bought a Lamborghini Urus earlier this … Read more

Neelkamal Singh’s new song ‘Jhareliya’ created a buzz, went viral on the internet. Neelkamal Singh’s new song ‘Jhareliya’ created a buzz went viral on the internet

Rishabh Pandey, Mumbai. Well-known actor and singer Neelkamal Singh of Bhojpuri film industry’s new music video ‘Jhaleria’ has been released. This song has become a super hit as soon as it is released. The craze of this song among the fans is so much that it has been seen more than 23 lakh times in … Read more

Wi-fi will have a range of 1 kilometer, run internet on any device

In the world of Wi-Fi, the new technology Wi-Fi HaLow will change the meaning of Wi-Fi. Not so, says a latest report. In today’s time, you are getting high-speed Wi-Fi service in India at a low price, but many people still remain worried about the range. Wi-Fi HaLow would be one way to get around … Read more

Mugdha Chaphekar Aka Prithviraj Chauhan Sanyogita Latest Photos Viral In Internet

New Delhi: You will remember the serial ‘Dharti Ka Veer Yoddha Prithviraj Chauhan’ and you will also know how Mugdha Chapekar, who played the main character in this serial, breathed life into the character of ‘Syogta’. When this show started, everyone used to watch it with great fervor. Actress Mugdha Chaphekar, who played the role … Read more

Delhi: CBI Gets Three-day Police Remand Of Four Accused Who Posted Content Of Child Pornography On Internet

ANI, New Delhi Published by: Anurag Saxena Updated Wed, 17 Nov 2021 04:59 PM IST Summary Four persons were arrested from Delhi for allegedly posting and circulating content of child pornography on the Internet. During the hearing in the Rau Avenue Court on Wednesday, the CBI sought the remand of the accused, which has been … Read more

Bhopal Crime News Friendship happened on internet media called to meet in hotel and raped female doctor on the pretext of marriage

Publish Date: | Wed, 17 Nov 2021 01:54 PM (IST) Bhopal Crime News: Bhopal, Navdunia Representative. Ten months back in TTnagar, a divorced female homeopathic doctor had befriended an officer of the central department on the internet media. When this friendship soon turned into a love affair, the officer said that he was not happy … Read more

Free Superfast Internet Speed: 500Mbps speed internet speed will be available for free! Learn how to take advantage of this scheme – act fibernet is providing 500 mbps speed to existing customers without paying extra cost

Highlights Users will get tremendous speed of 500Mbps Internet will be double the fun Downloading speed will be superfast New Delhi. There are many such plans in the broadband market in the Indian market that provide great benefits to the users. Be it BSNL or Jio, every company will provide tremendous benefits to the users. … Read more

Nasa Shares Breathtaking Video Of New Star Under Formation Internet Amazed To See It

NASA shared a wonderful view of a new star being formed in space The US space agency NASA always shares pictures and videos for people about amazing and surprising things related to space. All NASA posts are informative and connecting people to space. Through NASA’s post, we also get many mysterious information about space. Now … Read more

New It Rules Ensured The Safety Of Children And Women On The Internet – Affidavit: New It Rules Ensured The Safety Of Children And Women On The Internet

Agency, New Delhi. Published by: Jeet Kumar Updated Wed, 17 Nov 2021 04:19 AM IST Summary The Supreme Court has also directed to frame guidelines to curb the spread of child pornography, images, videos of rape and gang rape and sites serving such obscene material. hear the news hear the news The Central Government told … Read more

Betul News: Case will be registered against those who defame MLA by making fake ID on internet media

Publish Date: | Tue, 16 Nov 2021 08:46 PM (IST) Betul (Navduniya representative). The court has issued orders to register a crime against BJP’s Ganj Mandal president Vikas Mishra and Vinay Pawar for posting a derogatory post against Betul Congress MLA Nilay Daga by making a fake ID on the Internet media. Guidance from legal … Read more

UIDAI released a great feature of Aadhaar update! Now Aadhaar linked services will be available without internet with just one SMS; learn how

Aadhar card has now become an essential document in India, without which you are unable to do any government or non-government work. Many people can also get the necessary information related to Aadhar card from their phones. However, a large section of the population in the country still does not have access to the Internet. … Read more

youtube E-commerce China Internet celebrity The Lipstick King China sold beauty products social-commerce industry America e-commerce Holiday Stream Shop | Youtube: YouTube’s new concept, celebs will sell products on video

Youtube : E-commerce in China has reached a different level. Last month, an Internet celebrity named ‘The Lipstick King’ of China sold beauty products worth $ 1.7 billion, or Rs 135 billion, by live streaming for 12 hours. This is just one example that shows where China’s $352 billion social-commerce industry has reached. This is … Read more

Send money from Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pe without internet, know the process!

People now prefer to do digital transactions more than cash transactions. fast day by day now Digital transactions are increasing. Please tell that after the corona period The interest towards transactions through digital medium has increased rapidly. Today we tell you that even without internet Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pe Like you can send money … Read more

Internet and SMS service is closed in these five districts of India, know when will it start

Internet service is still suspended in five districts of Haryana. If you also live in Karnal and its four neighboring districts and your mobile internet is not working since Monday, then let us tell you that today, i.e. on 7th September, farmers have organized mahapanchayat in many places against agricultural laws. Due to this, the … Read more

Viral video of man doing dangerous stunt leaving internet stunned pratp

As easy as this task is found by those doing Dangerous Stunts, the more dangerous it is for the viewers to bear it. If anything goes up and down in the stunt by mistake, then no one can stop the death of the person (Viral Daredevils’ Video). One such deadly stunt video is becoming fiercely … Read more

Starlink Satellite High-speed Internet Will Be Available In India Soon Know The Plan Of Elon Musk Company

Elon Musk, the world’s third richest person, has talked about starting high-speed internet services in India soon. US private space company SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk are exploring the possibility of launching their world’s best satellite-based internet services in India. After the start of these services, the access of high speed internet will become … Read more

Dog Care For Tiny Kitten Is Adorable Internet Loves It See Cute Viral Video

The dog looked at the kitten for a while, then began to caress like its own child If you are also fond of watching animal videos and are looking for a cute dog or cat video on the internet, then this video is just for you. This video shows a wonderful bond between a dog … Read more

During REET exam on 26 September internet will be ban or not know conclusion | Throughout the day there was brainstorming regarding internet shutdown during REET exam, know what was the conclusion

Jaipur: The state government has left the decision to shut down the internet in the state to the divisional commissioners. The divisional commissioner will decide the net closure according to the local circumstances. An advisory has been issued in this regard by the Home Department. 16 lakh candidates have applied for the REET examination to … Read more

Viral Video: Woman drives away crocodile by showing slippers, amazing comments are getting on the internet. A video of a woman drove a crocodile away by showing her slippers on the internet is becoming very viral and users are enjoying it fiercely

Woman drives away crocodile by showing slippers If there is a crocodile in front, no one will dare to go near it. This is the reason why people are unable to live without reacting when a woman picked up her sandal and scared a crocodile out of the herd of crocodiles. This video has become … Read more

BSNL Internet Plan, BSNL Give high Speed ​​Internet Services to Consumer By FTTH Scheme in Una

BSNL Internet Plan Telecom Corporation of India Limited has started FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service. Internet home users and government and private sector internet users connecting to the service will be able to get sufficient speed for high-loaded internet sites and other uses. Gondpur Banehra, Gurdev Kumar. BSNL Internet Plan, Telecom Corporation of India … Read more

Online Class: A Study By The Azim Premji Foundation Showed 60 Percent Children In India Are Not Able To Use Internet

News Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Pranjul Srivastava Updated Mon, 15 Nov 2021 08:36 AM IST Summary In this survey conducted by Azim Premji Foundation, it has been revealed that 60 percent children are away from online classes due to lack of internet access. online class – Photo : Social Media hear the … Read more

First internet exchange launched in Uttarakhand BJP MP Anil Baluni today dehradun pcup | Good News: Now high speed internet will be available in the mountains, first internet exchange opened in Uttarakhand

Kuldeep Negi/Dehradun: The first Internet exchange in Uttarakhand has been launched today i.e. on November 1 in Dehradun. It was launched virtually by Union IT Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar and Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni. BJP MLA Umesh Sharma Kau, MLA Khajandas also joined Dehradun. This exchange has been set up in the IT Park of … Read more

500MB internet data will be available daily in Airtel’s prepaid plan of Rs 249, here’s how to claim

Bharti Airtel is the oldest telecom company in India. Now Airtel has introduced a new offer for its users. Under this offer, users will get 500MB daily free data in a recharge plan of Rs 249. Users can redeem 500MB of data daily through the Airtel Thanks app. Also Read – Online fraud is happening … Read more

Why are your children in danger on the Internet?

Vineet Khare BBC correspondent One hour ago In July 2020, the Assam state police received a complaint regarding a ‘suspicious’ Facebook page. He got this information through a non-governmental organization. The organization’s Twitter page was alerted about this Facebook page containing videos and posts of children, and that the page may be promoting child sexual … Read more

Yogi government is going to arrange free internet in UP Wi Fi service will be available in ten places in big cities and five in small

Yogi government of UP is going to provide free internet facility. Keeping in mind the needs of the people, the state government has now decided to provide free WiFi at 10 locations in big cities and five in small towns. Earlier it was decided to provide this facility at five places in big cities and … Read more

People across the country celebrated Childrens Day posted thoughts on internet media

The birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was made on 14 November as Children’s Day in the country. People expressed their views by posting on social media. Yogi Adityanath said that hearty congratulations and best wishes to the children and the people of the state on ‘Children’s Day’. New Delhi, Agency. The … Read more

Stringent Laws On Mobile-Internet Use In Jail

hear the news hear the news Laws have been tightened regarding the use of banned mobile, internet or any other kind of device by inmates/prisoners in jail. In this regard, a provision of imprisonment up to five years and fine has been fixed. In this regard, information has been given by the Senior Superintendent of … Read more

Child artist Yagya Bhasin appeals to CM Dhami through internet media

Jagran Correspondent, Dehradun: A video of Uttarakhand’s child artist Yagya Bhasin, who has played various characters in TV serials and films, became very viral on the Internet media on Children’s Day. In this video, Yagya has mentioned the pain faced by the children there while going to school, making them aware of the basic facilities … Read more

MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan changed his profile on internet media

State Bureau, Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan changed the profile photos of all his accounts on internet media on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day. He has put photos in his tribal costume on Ku’s profile including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also, there is a banner of Tribal Pride Day on the profile cover. Till … Read more

Viral video of little girl kissing frogs internet gone crazy pratp

Most of the videos that go viral on social media are related to children and animals (Wildlife Videos). At this time one such video of a small girl with frogs is going viral. You will smile seeing the relationship between frogs and baby in the video. In the video, the girl’s attachment to frogs is … Read more

India overtakes China and US in spending time on phone and second in app downloads in the world due to cheap internet data and calling Says Report

New Delhi, Tech Desk. The cheapest internet data in the world is available in India. Talking about the year 2021, telecom companies are charging Rs 10.93 for 1 GB data in India, which is less than any country in the world per GB data charge. Whereas before 2014, Indians had to pay an average of … Read more

How to Get Fast Jio Internet on Smartphone: Troubled by poor internet speed? Run fast 4G internet on Jio network, just make these changes in settings – how to set jio apn settings for high speed 4g internet on reliance jio network

New DelhiThe country’s leading network provider company Reliance Jio is famous for its high-speed internet along with its best prepaid and postpaid plans. But many times it happens that when users get slow internet speed on Jio network. Sometimes this happens due to low network, while sometimes it is due to the smartphone. Many times … Read more

Know how to use UPI Payment Without Internet paytm phonepe google pay achs

New Delhi. The central government is continuously promoting digital payments. During the Corona crisis, people also preferred digital payment instead of cash. Due to this there was a rapid increase in UPI transactions. However, the most important thing for UPI transactions is internet. If internet is not available then it becomes difficult to make digital … Read more

Elon Musk Starlink Internet Plans: Starlink Internet: Elon Musk’s internet company records 50Mbps speed, big revelations in new study

New DelhiA data related to the performance of Elon Musk’s Starlink in the US and Canada has been released. In a study, information related to Starlink’s speed, latency, data, accessibility and cost has been shared. Let us tell you that Starlink is currently available in beta phase in select markets. This study has been done … Read more

pollution in delhi ncr supreme court slams delhi govt said dont blame farmers | Supreme Court strict on pollution, said – everyone is blaming the farmer, this emergency situation

New Delhi: The condition of the people of Delhi-NCR is suffering due to pollution. There is a blanket of mist in the sky. People are having trouble breathing. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on Saturday termed the rise in air pollution in Delhi-NCR as an “emergency” and asked the Center and the Delhi government to take … Read more

Anushka Sharma rocked the internet with her hot and glamorous avatar, take a look. Anushka Sharma looks drop-dead gorgeous in latest photoshoot, shares sizzling pics

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has been away from the film screen for a long time. However, now she is slowly once again returning to her professional front. She has now shared some of her pictures on social media, which are blowing the senses of the fans at this time. Actually, recently, actress Anushka Sharma has … Read more